Microsoft Audio Dock review

It is time for another cool device review! I got a loan device for Microsoft so I can try it out. In very short summary it is a great accessory that is really easy to set up and use. It works very wonderfully in Teams calls. At the end of the article I say a few words about MVP Summit 2023.

First some tech specs. More info from Microsoft’s Audio Dock site.

  • Two USB-C ports, one HDMI and one USB-A
  • Power pass-through allowing to charge Surface (or PC) while using it (60W)
  • Can connect up to two monitors with USB-C or HDMI
  • Noise reducing twin-microphones facing the front
  • Microsoft Teams Certified
  • Suitable for calls and audio

The best part here is that during my use period it just worked. Since it is Microsoft Teams Certified the Teams-button is very handy – you can use it for raise hand with a long press. There are buttons for Teams, mic on/off, play/pause and volume control. Microphone and Teams buttons are color coded and shows when you are in the call and mic-button is red when you are muted. On usability side, it is a very visual guide that tells you easily are you muted or not.

The setup was easy. Plug the dock to power (yes, a power cord is needed. It is a dock. ) and connect the USB-C to your computer. Done. Unpacking the dock and crawling under the table with the power plug took much longer than the actual setup.

Looks are great as well. It is smaller than Logi Dock that I reviewed earlier, but doesn’t sound any way smaller. Audio quality is really good – I have been playing music through it and I was happy with the result. I didn’t do exact comparison with Logi Dock for audio quality – but from top of my mind I would say Audio Dock takes the bit longer straw there.

I noticed I could have used one more USB-C and USB-A port each, this is the part where Logi Dock wins since it has more ports available. However Logi Dock doesn’t let to use USB-C for monitor while Audio Dock does allow that.

When thinking about making your desk less busy these Docks are great options. You don’t have to use Surface Dock, but can just plug your Surface in with USB-C. On my use I have often more devices connected than what would be available with that setup – but most of the people find ports on Audio Dock to be enough. What is great is that both Docks work with dongles and other devices really well. Just like those devices would have been plugged directly to computer.

I don’t think there is much to say more about the dock. It is a fantastic device for Teams calls – and noise cancellation works as expected as well. If you have a chance, give it a try!

Fantastic week ahead in MVP Summit 2023!

I am writing this article in a train on my way to Helsinki-Vantaa airport to fly to Seattle / Redmond in USA. This year MVP Summit is a hybrid event, and MVPs can join the event either in-person or virtually. The previous in-person MVP Summit was 2019. Of course I can’t tell you, my readers, anything about the content of the Summit since all information there is under NDA.

I am looking forward for new insights and information, but especially meeting friends I have not seen since 2019! There are also lots of friends I have never met in-person before, just online. That is partially what I really like in MVP community – getting to a lot of great people I would have not met otherwise. There will be great talks ahead, wonderful insights and various points of views. And the amount of combined knowledge in the event is massive!

I remember when I attended my first in-person MVP Summit in 2019. I was a newbie MVP back then and shared the room with lots of superheroes and legends who I have seen posting and commenting online. Having to chance to meet them there was unreal. There will be lots of MVPs there this year who haven’t had the chance of visit the Summit in person before. And it is superb to meet them. If you , my reader, are a MVP who hasn’t been to the MVP Summit before – don’t be afraid to come to say hi.

Of course we will also have fun together, sharing stories, go through great conversations and enjoying the time, with some drinks. Is the week easy? Nope. There will be a lot of session and long evenings to attend to.

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