Metaverse for Healthcare

Continuing the Metaverse use cases in various industries it is time to take a look at the Healthcare. Industrial Metaverse is more matured than other areas of the Metaverse: enterprise and consumer. This is because industry has had a need and a clear use cases for the Metaverse for a really long time. This journey … Continue reading Metaverse for Healthcare

No one can be told what the Metaverse is

Or can they? Of course we can tell what the Metaverse is! You can ask that from 100 different people and you will have 100 different variations in the return. It is kind of quantum mechanics - you think you know what it is until you ask. The good seems to be that all of … Continue reading No one can be told what the Metaverse is

Metaverse City – Smart City and Place

When we usually talk about the Metaverse it is easy to limit ourselves to think only meetings, collaboration, virtual realities, NFTs, Blockchains and so on. We can think about smart spaces – that could be in a form of  Connected Spaces of which I wrote earlier - and Industrial Metaverse with Field Workers. Thinking the … Continue reading Metaverse City – Smart City and Place

A Metaverse customer experience

Welcome to my Metaverse day! Today I will take you to a journey when I vision how Metaverse will be affecting our tourism and customer experience in the future. In some cases this future is already here but not that many businesses are thinking about how they will be using the Metaverse this way. Yet. … Continue reading A Metaverse customer experience

A perfect Field Worker day

Welcome back to the my Metaverse day! This time I am going to walk you through to a day in modern Field Workers life and how Metaverse tech, that includes mixed reality and other devices, can make their day a perfect one. We can call our fictional field worker Marilyn in this example and follow … Continue reading A perfect Field Worker day

Digital Twins and Holoportation with HoloLens 2

If you haven't attended Microsoft Envision UK recently you might have this great video how you can utilize HoloLens 2 for Holoportation, Digital Twins and with more photorealistic avatas (well, at least the top portrait of them) in an easy way. In the video Alex Karim, Metaverse Lead at Microsoft UK, discusses and demos with … Continue reading Digital Twins and Holoportation with HoloLens 2

Metaverse use cases for businesses

The question often asked is: what makes Metaverse such a big game changer and what else can you do with it than just virtual reality meetings? We don't even know all use cases yet, because with Metaverse only imagination is the limit. I have touched here on my blog various uses besides meetings: trainings/learning and … Continue reading Metaverse use cases for businesses

Bringing physical world to life in the Metaverse

The metaverse is much more than just 3D meetings and collaboration. In fact, you could already take steps on building the metaverse, because it is about connecting the physical and virtual worlds together - taking advantages of both and enabling organizations to succeed. The base for this has happened in the industry for a long … Continue reading Bringing physical world to life in the Metaverse