Metaverse One 2023: New Speakers, video and info!

Metaverse One 2023 is happening in half a year - on September 20th 2023. We are progressing on setting up the conference on track. We are announcing exciting news regarding the event! 9 New Featured Speakers have joined Metaverse One 2023! Welcoming Dona Sarkar and Imogen Schifferle from Microsoft and from the community Arome Ibrahim, … Continue reading Metaverse One 2023: New Speakers, video and info!

Microsoft Mesh today

Microsoft released a news article related to Microsoft Mesh on 16th of January 2023. While they didn't reveal any timeline they did share interesting information about Microsoft Mesh use and also on it's capabilities. Working together Microsoft, World Economic Forum (Forum) and Accenture have built an early adopter experience for the World Economic Forum Annual … Continue reading Microsoft Mesh today

First impressions on the new Microsoft Teams on HoloLens 2

Did you know that Microsoft Guides in HoloLens 2 includes also Microsoft Teams client? And that Microsoft Teams Remote Assist are now available inside the Guides application? I got to try the functionality with my colleague Miska Kytö when I visited Sulava Helsinki office. This time we skipped Guides part and focused on Microsoft Teams … Continue reading First impressions on the new Microsoft Teams on HoloLens 2

Metaverse for Healthcare

Continuing the Metaverse use cases in various industries it is time to take a look at the Healthcare. Industrial Metaverse is more matured than other areas of the Metaverse: enterprise and consumer. This is because industry has had a need and a clear use cases for the Metaverse for a really long time. This journey … Continue reading Metaverse for Healthcare

Logitech BRIO 505: review

I got to try (thanks to Logitech) out their BRIO 505 webcam. This is a Logitech's business-line Microsoft Teams certified FullHD webcam with an economic price-tag ($130). It comes with a nice built-in privacy shield and you can also use it as a document camera. Feature-wise I like 90/78/65 FoV and the AI zooming / … Continue reading Logitech BRIO 505: review

Social Presence in the Metaverse

Social presence is different in the future. The more you have 2D meetings the more you see the lack of real presence in larger meetings. Many people have cameras off and it doesn't help when you try to create connection. Avatars will be bringing part of the presence back, but at this point most of … Continue reading Social Presence in the Metaverse

Logitech Litra Glow LED streaming light: review

Logitech Litra Glow is a very portable and not too expensive premium LED light that you can take it with you when traveling, or you know you need to amp up the lightning when in meetings. Or should I make bad joke and mention "one liter of Glow". That is what I thought the first … Continue reading Logitech Litra Glow LED streaming light: review