How to stay in the Loop using mobile Teams!

Microsoft Loop components got their name upgrade from Live Components to Loop Components in Teams. For some time editing Loops was limited in mobile Teams client, but now the support is there. And I have to say, it is rather good one in user experience. I enjoy the UI, it makes staying in the Loop … Continue reading How to stay in the Loop using mobile Teams!

Voice UI enables content creation in the Metaverse

We will be mostly speaking to each other in the Metaverse, instead of typing our messages, then why not to do the same when we create the content? Yes, we use Whiteboards and other manipulative objects with our digital twin hands (aka avatar's hands) but we also need to create text-based content. Why wouldn't we … Continue reading Voice UI enables content creation in the Metaverse

Jabra Speak 750 : my experiences

Thanks to Jabra, I got a chance to test out Jabra Speak 750 recently. Speak is a lightweight speakerbuck that has quite a long history already, since some versions of Jabra speaker bucks were out and used almost 20 years ago. In some organizations when someone says they have a Jabra, they mean this kind … Continue reading Jabra Speak 750 : my experiences

Microsoft Surface Earbuds – my experiences

I had a change recently to try to our Microsoft Surface Earbuds. Yes, those ones that are quite a bold in their appearance. But more than their appearance I was really interested to see if they are usable. My first touch on them was at Microsoft Ignite 2019 where I able to try them on … Continue reading Microsoft Surface Earbuds – my experiences

Persistent spaces in the Metaverse

Just like in the real world today, we will see persistent rooms in the Metaverse. Since there isn't much details out about Microsoft Mesh for Teams it will be remain a slight question mark how meeting spaces will be there: will they be short lived or also persistent. Comparing to Teams meetings today they could … Continue reading Persistent spaces in the Metaverse