Logitech MX Master 3s for Business

It has been a hectic, busy and wonderful week at Seattle, US. MVP Summit was held hybrid this year and I traveled to Redmond to connect, learn and have great time with the MVP community. Since all content is under NDA, I can’t tell anything about sessions or learnings, but I can share that I am excited and I had such a superb time! Meeting heros, legends , friends and making new friends is always energizing. And of course after the long week you are very tired from from information and social overload but also due to long evenings and short nights. This reminds me how it was after the last Microsoft Ignite 2019. I hope to go in person to MVP Summit again next year. Of course that requires that my MVP status is renewed – what I of course hope.

Of course I had to take the iconic photo.

Ok, let’s go on to the actual topic of this article: Logitech provided me with an update to my previous mouse, which was Logitech MX Master 3. Thank you for that, since I have found out that improvements made this 3s for Business my new favorite mouse. Why is that? Read the article and you know why I feel that way.

When I got my Logi MX Master 3 I thought it is a very good mouse for my use – almost “the one”. Very versatile. And how do you make it better one? By making it more silent!

And it surely looks that it was good to switch to a new one (or clean the old one).

Basically everything I wrote about MX Master 3 back in 2021 applies. These two mouses are very identical in most of ways. 3s has improved on the feel and use but the biggest difference to me is that you can’t hear 3s clicking heavily like MX Master 3 does. Noise has been cancelled. This matters to me when I am doing presentations – despite noise cancellations some clicking can escape through to attendees. With 3s I don’t have to worry about this, unless I use the mouse in front of the microphone. Logitech states that 3s has 90% less noise on the click compared to 3.

The setup was really easy. Put in the Logi bolt and turn it on. Or connect with Bluetooth.

I am right handed, very strongly, and this dictates of course how I set up my devices on the desk. Primary mouse is on the right side, and thus Microphones / Docks need to be on the left side. Of course my second computer (desktop) is on left as well, so if I use two computers during one presentation.. Well, I could use another 3s mouse on the desktop. Perhaps I go and buy one.

You can (and should) manage the 3s with LogiTune and Logi Options+ applications. With Options+ you can define in detail what buttons do and configure it to meet your needs.

Here is a bunch of pictures what you can do with Options+.

I like that I can set up app specific actions for buttons.

And Microsoft Teams is there as well.

As it’s predecessor 3s can be used with multiple devices – and you can pair it with 3 computers and switch between them by pressing button to select connection.

What for Business then stands for? Remote management. IT can remotely deploy and manage updates and apps.

There are also other cool details on 3s

  • 27% made with recycled plastic
  • Long battery life. I haven’t run out of charge yet – I just randomly charge it when I feel it might have been too long since the last one.
  • Workflows and customizations like with MX Master 3.

And last the most important thing. Master MX 3s  feels comfortable to use. My hand doesn’t get tired and my palm rests on it really well.

I don’t have anything “bad” to say about this. It just works as it should and with configurable options it is very versatile computer mouse to match various needs. 

Read more from Logitech’s product site. I got this 3s from Logitech for testing.

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