Who is Vesku (or MetaVesku)?

Metaverse and Future Workplace passionate | Mr. Metaverse | Speaker | Futurist | Blogger | Active Community member | Event organizer | Organizer in Metaverse One & Teams Community Finland (Founder) | Microsoft Most Valuable Professional since 2019

Hi there! I am Vesa “Vesku” Nopanen, a Principal Consultant for Metaverse and Future Work!

In this blog I share thoughts about the Metaverse, especially on Microsoft’s Metaverse. That means I also write about Microsoft Cloud solutions, platform and products – including Microsoft Teams. It is good to keep in mind that Microsoft Teams is the User Interface for Work – and to the Metaverse. When thinking about the business and work we need to keep business processes and integrations in the mind – so there is room for articles about Microsoft Teams, Power Platform and Office 365.

In my early career years (pre-2k – early 2k) I was a software developer and then moved to work with SQL databases for many years as developer, DBA and lead. Later I picked up some skills in Business Intelligence, Project Management, Team Lead, Office 365, SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Cloud, Microsoft Teams and so on.. This all made me the Principal Consultant in Metaverse and Future Work.

I am also proud to say that my employer is Sulava – a born in a cloud company and a magnificent place to work at and to look to the future with.

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All my links in one place: https://linktr.ee/vesanopanen

Event Organizer

  • Metaverse One 2023
  • Metaverse One 2022
  • Teams Nation 2022
  • Teams Nation 2021
  • Teams Fest 2020 October
  • Teams Fest 2020 Spring Sessions

Speaking history at Microsoft Events

  • Microsoft Ignite 2022
  • Microsoft Build 2022
  • Microsoft Teams Summit 2022
  • Microsoft Ignite 2021 November 2021 Virtual
  • Microsoft Build 2021 Virtual
  • Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2021 Virtual
  • Microsoft Teams Summit 2021
  • Microsoft Ignite 2021 March Virtual
  • Microsoft Ignite 2020 Virtual
  • Microsoft Ignite 2019 Orlando

Recent certificates and awards

  • Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Office Apps & Services 2019-
  • CLD267x: Enabling Teamwork with Microsoft Teams
  • Elements of AI (Reaktor/University of Helsinki)
  • See LinkedIn profile page for more information