Logitech Logi Dock: my experiences and review

Today is the time for a device review and sharing of real use experiences. I got a Logi Dock for loan from Logitech and I have been using it now a few weeks – which is a good time to write the review and share some of my insights. While Logitech does ad that the Dock can “unclutter your desktop” this is never the case with my desktop. I just have too many wires and devices – with or without the Dock. But it does help a bit. However there are lot of other reasons why I have been enjoying testing out Logi Dock.

First, let’s do some tech specs with key highlights. For the complete list – please check out Logitech’s Logi Dock site and tech specs in there. There are also more prettier pictures and some videos as well.

  • Beamforming 6 microphone array – this reduces the noise outside the beam
  • Requires power for using
  • USB-C connection to the laptop. It also charges the laptop (100W)
  • 1 x HDMI v2.0 + 1 x Display Port 1.4. 4K support on both
  • 2 x USB-A (Gen 3.1)
  • 3 x USB-C (Gen 3.1). You can’t use these ports to connect to USB-C monitor.
  • You can also pair Bluetooth devices with the Dock
  • And the important part: Microsoft Teams certified

Picture from Logitech Logi Dock page.

When unpacked from the box, it comes with a power adapter, required power cords and also the USB-C to USB-C cord.

To my surprise, the Logi Dock is larger and heavier than I thought. I have Microsoft Surface Dock which is very slim and neat compared to this. In the picture I included my Logitech Spotlight MVP-clicker to get some idea of the size. The Power adapter unit is also quite large one – which is good, since Logi Dock does support 100W charging. After a few weeks on the desk the Logi Dock started to “fit in” very nicely and didn’t look at all too big.

On my desk the size doesn’t matter as much. My coffee/water tumbler is 1/3 taller than the dock.

To keep comparing the size and the look – the Dock sits nicely next to my Stream Deck these days. The positioning is good since it is further away from my mouse (I’ll get back to this on experiences) and allows me to control both the Stream Deck and Logi Dock using left hand – right one being on the mouse or keyboard.

I do like the colors Logitech added to the Dock. It lets me know very nicely the status – and give a dash of futuristic feel to it. When you are in a Teams call you have a light on the device. Microphone or camera open/on also lits the table with the light. You are on the air!

And when you have mic muted or camera off you can see the Dock reminding you about that in red. You are off the air. Those indicators on the top are also touch buttons for mic on/off, volume down, Microsoft Teams- button (long press for Raise Hand!), volume up and camera on/off.

You are using of course Logi Tune to manage and update the Logi Dock.

My Experiences so far

As you might think it is very obvious, I am using Logi Dock with Microsoft Teams most of the time. There have been occasional other uses during this period I have it for testing. Anyway the majority of my meetings are in Teams and thus I am viewing this device via “Teams-goggles”. First, I have to say that the mics are really good. The only thing I did notice during my early tests that I needed to move Logi Dock further away from my MX Master 3 mouse. Clicks were noticeable in the Teams recording. When I moved the Dock to my left side (away from the mouse) the sound was muffed, but it was still in the recording. In real life calls and webinars there were no issues. Nobody mentioned to me anything about the clicks – instead I did hear that my voice was loud and clear. And when I checked some recordings later (from a real event) I didn’t hear a thing from my mouse. With both the Logi Dock and Teams noise suppression AI capabilities this feels like a real good combo.

The audio (my voice) has perhaps a slight tint of metal in it. It isn’t very noticeable and the result is better than a lot of mics produce these days. Beamforming is a great feature and it does work very nicely.

The audio (others voice) when I am in the meeting is also really good. For me meetings have gotten a lot easier when using Logi Dock. No hiccups. No issues. It just works. Some people have praised Logi Dock for listening music also – it does have speakers that work also for music and videos. However in my case I am not using Logi Dock for music, since my 43″ LG 4K monitor has even a better audio experience and I use that when listening music or watching videos. The sound experience is more deeper and rich on display speakers. Sorry Logitech, but you need to amp up these speakers for the next version – make it to match a soundbar 😂. For most people I think the Logi Dock would replace the need to have a external speaker for the music.

Logi Dock internals picture from Logitech page.

Since I am using Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio I don’t have any USB-A ports in my laptop. USB-C is the way. There are still some devices that come with USB-A dongle (like Zone True Wireless Buds or 125 headset) and I don’t like to use adapters too much. With two USB-A ports in Logi Dock (+ 2 in Surface Dock) the need for adapters is gone on my case. The rest (modern) of devices are using USB-C. Regarding the desk neatness I put the USB-C from Logi Dock to Surface Dock port and use Surface connector to attach my Laptop to it. I did test with USB-C from the laptop to the Dock also and it works as expected. With charging and all. In case you have a Surface device with a dock already today, you can still get good benefits from the Logi Dock.

In the list format, the good / pros

  • Great audio
  • Logi Dock just works with Microsoft Teams
  • Can unclutter your desktop
    • Connect external devices to Logi Dock instead to your laptop
    • Reduces the need to have a multi-port USB-adapter connected to your laptop
  • Good build quality
  • Clear and easy usage
  • Manage other Logitech devices with Logi Tune when they are connected to the Dock

And cons

  • USB-C monitor not supported
  • The price

I was tempted to add “requires power” and “larger than you think” to the list, but they are not cons as per ce. You can use the dock to charge your laptop and better audio quality requires some size as well. The weight adds to the build quality – this is not a portable device. What is surprising that Logi Dock does not support USB-C monitors. I have my monitor connected via Surface Dock, so it didn’t cause an issue for me but this can be a bit of surprise.

The price is quite high: 399 USD (549€ in Finland!). The price indicates Logi Dock is a premium business line device. The look, feel an usage do meet the premium quality requirement. Would I buy one personally? No, I would not unless I had a lots of extra money. Would I be happy if the company would enable me with one? Definitely. Would I definitely need one with Surface Laptop Studio (which has quite a good audio itself also)? It depends. For customer workshops, webinars and presentations I don’t want to rely only on the laptop mics – although I could do them with Surface. I have always preferred to use external mics (or headphones) when possible and Logi Dock indeed has a good sound. I know I will be using Logi Dock for now (until I need to return the loan device).

Logi Dock simplifies my modern work experience by making sure my voice is heard and reducing device management issues.

5 thoughts on “Logitech Logi Dock: my experiences and review

  1. Works fine with Windows 10 enterprise but extreme problems with Windows 11 Professional and Enterprise not recognizing the HDMI port. Monitor meets all of the Logitech’s minimal requirements along with laptop meeting all of the minimal USB type-C requirements. Technical support was poor as they didn’t really provide any help.


    1. I tested this with my Surface Laptop Studio and LogiDock + HDMI works fine with Windows 11 Pro 22H2 22623.1037
      I don’t normally use that (since I use USB-C to connect to my monitor) but for the test I plugged in HDMI-cable to LogiDock.
      What I did found out is that LogiDock needed to be plugged directly to my Surface via it’s USB-C port and not via Surface Dock ( I use Surface Dock USB-C ports for my monitor and to LogiDock normally )


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