Teams Nation – Returning May 26th 2021

TeamsFest has been an incredible ride. Having just finished the event a few weeks ago, Chris, Adam, Chris and I had the opportunity to catch up before our monthly user group to have a look at the figures. We had over 1300 unique attendees at TeamsFest which was twice as large as our last event, … Continue reading Teams Nation – Returning May 26th 2021

TeamsFest October 7th 2020 ✅

Today it is exactly one month (30 days) before TeamsFest - a fantastic free Microsoft Teams focused online event For the Community, By the Community to share the knowledge and experiences of Microsoft Teams to everyone who attends it! TeamsFest is organized by Chris Hoard, Adam Deltinger, Chris Webb and me. As an anecdote we … Continue reading TeamsFest October 7th 2020 ✅