Teams Meetings: video spotlight (pin a meeting participant)

This new feature in Teams is easily overlooked, since it only shows next to attendees in a meeting: the ability to pin/spotlight a person’s video feed into screen. When you use this, you can “focus/spotlight” on specific person’s video – and it doesn’t matter who is talking. This is very useful in all hands / town hall meetings when you want the main camera to be visible.

Every person’s name is followed by the magic … menu that opens two actions: Mute or Pin participant.

When a participant is pinned to screen you can choose to Unpin or Fit to frame. The latter shows the actual video, not a cropped version.

Overall, while this is a “small” feature it is most useful – especially when you are showing your meeting on larger screen. This doesn’t do the pinning to other persons, this is purely affecting your personal view.

4 thoughts on “Teams Meetings: video spotlight (pin a meeting participant)

  1. This article incorrectly associates the Microsoft Teams pin feature with the Skype for Business focus/spotlight feature which are NOT the same. Teams only affects local view, “focus/spotlight” affects all participants in skype for business. So this article appears to just be clickbait. 😦

    I’m looking forward to when Microsoft reaches feature parity in Microsoft Teams with the old Skype for Business capabilities.


    1. I am sorry you feel this is a clickbait. I used the term spotlight since for the user (year and half ago) it gave idea what to expect. But I also stated that is affecting only personally the user – not everyone.

      I would not compare Skype for Business and Teams head on anymore in features. Teams has lots of more use cases that make it pointless. Some SkypeFB features can be accomplished differently. Overall less and less people are using SkypeFB.


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