Microsoft Teams app: Delayed Send

Delayed Send is a free Microsoft Teams application that can be used to deliver Teams messages at specific time in the future. The app is created by Appfluence inc. If you need the Delayed Send today and you don’t want to create Power Platform action (it is not difficult!) for it then you want to check this one out. It is good to know that Delayed Delivery is coming natively to Microsoft Teams during this month (July 2022). This feature has been coming for a long time, so there isn’t certainty will the roadmap estimate hold or not.

You can find the app by searching for delayed send in the Teams app store.

Checking permissions tab gives you some idea what kind of permissions are requested

Once you have installed the app you need to login with your domain account.

After login you have to accept a bit longer list of permissions.

These permissions will allow Appfluence inc to access your chat history and threads: names and members of all chats and it does get your basic user profile information (like about all apps). For some organizations letting external organization access chat history may be a show stopper.

As always, it is good to check what has been stated in Microsoft Teams application compliance and security information

For Delayed Send we can find the following info. Note, all information there has been provided by Appfluence and not by Microsoft

Yes, they are storing the data in Azure and company is based in USA. Company application admins should go through app information just like with any other 3rd party app they are evaluating and approving.

There is GDPR compliance in place and you can find Privacy Policy for Appfluence apps here.

Ok, so we are ok with the security part and can go on with the application.

Delayed Send

Delayed Send is a personal application in Teams. It doesn’t have any context relevance in channels nor it does have any message action included. This has reduced the number of permissions it needs, but also has effect on usability.

The main view is simple: create delayed messages.

Enter the data and press Schedule to send the message in the future.

Once the message has been sent, we can see it in the chat normally. It just send the message on behalf of the user.

There is also a Delayed Send bot that you can use to send delayed messages or access the dashboard.

Overall, there isn’t much else in the application.


  • Free to use
  • Simple user interface to schedule messages
  • No extras, no ads so far


  • Access to 3rd party for your chat list. However, many 3rd party apps request quite a lot more of permissions.
  • Simple to use, but requires to be used in the application. You can’t simply go to the chat and choose delayed send while writing it.
  • Microsoft Teams: Delay delivery of chat messages is coming in July 2022 according to roadmap. The native Teams feature reduces the usefulness and need of the separate 3rd party application for delayed sending. If you need the feature today and between until the native delayed delivery is available then you have the option to create either your own solution with Power Automate (see guide here) or use this application.

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