Microsoft Teams – what to expect during summer 2022?

End of June is always interesting times with Microsoft Products. Ending of their fiscal year means that a lot of KPIs and objectives need to be reached and closed. That is why there are usually so many roadmap items scheduled for June and July. In addition Microsoft Inspire event happens around mid-July, which means Microsoft wants to release and announce new features also during those days. Apart from those surprises they announce during Inspire, we can take a look at the roadmap and check out what we can expect Teams to have when we get back from summer vacations in August. Keep in mind that these roadmaps have been known to slip quite often, so not all features may be launched in time. Looking at the big number of items in the roadmap I think it is good to assume that we will see quite a lot happening with Teams during summer months.

Updated 1st of July. Added Pop Out shared content into a separate window and intelligent translation.

  1. What’s new and already in Teams?
    1. Chat with Self (Public Preview, soon GA)
    2. Meeting Co-Organizers
  2. What to expect during early July (end of June)?
  3. July-August picks
    1. Microsoft Viva Goals – GA during July
    2. Speaker Coach
    3.  Teams Meeting Poll New Question Type – Rating
    4. Teams Meeting: Pop out shared content into a separate window
    5. Microsoft Teams: Intelligent translation in Teams Mobile
    6. Viva Topics in Teams
    7. Bing Image Search for Microsoft Whiteboard
  4. Cameo in PowerPoint Live coming in September

What’s new and already in Teams?

Chat with Self (Public Preview, soon GA)

You can use Chat with Self to write yourself notes easily to get back later on. I use Chat with Self to store some links to sites (if I don’t put them to To Do that is), put in some snippets of text now and then. But since I can also create a Loop components there, I have used it to create my personal “Loop notebook” where I can easily enter information using Office.Com mobile app. For that I have often used OneNote / Sticky Notes or even OnePlus notes but putting them to a Loop component makes much more sense to me: it is quick and easily used outside of Teams as well – I only need to find my way to app or page and I can use the component directly from there.

Note: I can’t see Chat with Self in all of my demo tenants. Only some tenants have it so far – but don’t worry: it is rolling out as I write this post.

It is good to note that using Chat with Self is currently the only way to create a new Loop component that is not shared with anyone. This means you can prepare a component by yourself, for example event agenda draft or daily “loop in” status, before sharing it to others.

When using App you can find Loop components very easily in there.

You can even add a Loop components filter to your mobile app to make the discoverability easy.

And if you are still looking forward a way to find Loop components don’t forget home page where you can add Loop Components filter.

Soon, hopefully during the summer, we can start using Loop components in Outlook as well.

Meeting Co-Organizers

You can find Meeting Co-Organizers in Meeting Options. You can promote invited participants to have access to various organizing features, such as Meeting Options. Note: this does not allow co-organizers to manage Breakout Rooms. You need to add them separately to BR Admins in Breakout Rooms tab.

You have also the updated Who can present option: Instead of Only me it states now Only me and co-organizers.

More details about co-organizers and capabilities can be found in here.

What to expect during early July (end of June)?

  • Multi-language meeting invite control
  • Live Captions in all available languages on Teams Meetings on Web
  • Live Transcript in all available languages in Teams Meetings on Web
  • Integrated CART captioning in meetings on Web
  • Collaborative Annotation on presenter shared screen
  • Meeting Chat Bubbles on Android
  • Meeting Chat Bubbles on iOS
  • Modern meeting experience on the web
  • Export API support for Teams Message Reactions
  • Pairing the channel and the corresponding SharePoint folder name.

And also Loop components in Outlook Mail
Loop components are live, interactive objects that you can embed across Microsoft 365 canvases such as chats and email to provide real-time collaboration. This feature brings support for loop components in the email messages.

July-August picks

The biggest and most anticipated feature must be Teams Connect: Shared Channels that is going to roll out for general availability during July.

  • Join a meeting by digital code
  • Call control with bluetooth headsets and speakerphones
  • Chat Bubbles during Teams meetings for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android
  • Quiet time settings in Teams and Outlook
  • Delay delivery of chat messages
  • Microsoft Teams chat embedded within Dynamics 365
  • Data Export within Approvals App
  • E-signature approvals creation on mobile
  • Expanding up to 10,000 users in Distribution Lists for lobby policy in Teams meeting
  • Delete Call History
  • Choose preferred download location for files
  • Re-use previously created polls in Teams meetings
  • RTMP-In for Teams Live Events
  • Language Interpretation
  • Expanded Reactions
  • Approvals in integrated SharePoint Lists

Microsoft Viva Goals – GA during July

Create clarity and stay aligned at scale

  • Define success by creating OKRs from scratch or with built-in templates.
  • Align at all levels of the organization with OKR approval workflows and organizational, team, and individual goal pages, and chart view.
  • Connect work to outcomes with projects and tasks aligned to OKRs.

Read more from Microsoft Viva Goals site or learn more via Microsoft Learn (for example Get Started with Viva Goals).

Speaker Coach

Speaker Coach provides private, personalized feedback on your speaking and presentation skills in both real-time as well as post-meeting in a summary. Rolling out by the end of July.

 Teams Meeting Poll New Question Type – Rating

You can also note that Forms app has been rebranded (name & icon) as Polls. Coming out late July.

Teams Meeting: Pop out shared content into a separate window

Pop out shared content into a separate window when you are in a Teams Meeting. This we way we can have seperate windows for content and audience videos. Coming during August.

Microsoft Teams: Intelligent translation in Teams Mobile

Teams Android and iOS will now prompt you to translate messages that are not in your language. Coming during August.

Viva Topics in Teams

Viva Topics in Teams allows users to mention topics in their chat conversations so that others in the conversation can easily learn more about a topic by hovering over the topic name and viewing the topic card. This feature requires users to have a Viva Topics license. Coming late July.

Bing Image Search for Microsoft Whiteboard

The ability to search online images through Bing is coming soon to Whiteboard web, Teams and Windows App. 

Bing Image Search can be disabled by organizations by using the Office cloud policy service in the Microsoft 365 Apps admin center. See details how from Message Center bulletin MC391951.

Cameo in PowerPoint Live coming in September

Cameo in PowerPoint Live will come to users during September 2022. With Cameo users can integrate Teams camera feed into PowerPoint presentation and customize how and where they want to appear on slides.

Cameo supports all personalization properties like any other Office graphical object such as those offered by Pictures, Gifs and Shapes. This includes layering Cameo between content, adding motion effects such as morph, changing styles, shapes etc. 

Note Recording and client Limitation: Cameo in PowerPoint Live will not be shown in the recording, web or mobile clients. In short Cameo in PowerPoint Live only supports Desktop version of Teams when it emerges. Support for other clients and recording will be very likely added later.

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