Sharing a screen with a Skype for Business user

When you are in Teams chatting with a Skype for Business user, did you notice you can start a screen sharing session with Skype user? I tested this yesterday in our production tenant where I am in TeamsOnly mode.

When you are in a chat window and look at the top-right toolbar you can notice Call, Video Call and Screen Share icons there.

If you click on the Screen Share then Teams tells you that it will create a meeting for you. Skype user has to join that meeting (using a link they get into their Skype chat) – if they have Teams client installed they can use that. I assume that if they don’t have a Teams desktop app they just can join in a browser – like into any other Teams meeting (why this one would be any different?).

They receive a message saying “Automated message: (Sender name) wants to share their screen with you. “.

After that, it is just like any other Teams meeting – the meeting was just automatically created and appears in the chat list.

What about doing this in a call?

If you have a audio or video call going on with a Skype for Business user you can choose to share your screen. Teams will notify about creation of meeting and will stop the current call. It is a good idea to hit cancel first, tell the Skype user that what you are going to do and that they will have to join the meeting-call via the link. After that – start the sharing again and go forward with “Start a meeting”.

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