See you at ESPC22 and Microsoft 365 Conference 2022!

One tour of speaking behind me, I am heading towards the next one as the month advances. I am very excited and happy to be stepping in person to the stage in two great Microsoft supported conferences. At first I will be traveling to Denmark for ESPC22 and after that event is over my tour takes me to US, Las Vegas. My last visit overseas to US happened before the Covid, when I visited Microsoft Ignite 2019. The last time I was at Las Vegas was ten years ago when I attended the SharePoint Conference, back in November 2012. Microsoft Surface RT was just published back then and I got my, already recycled, Surface RT from Microsoft store at Vegas.

ESPC22 28 | November – 01 December 2022

You won’t believe what I am going to say you: I have never been to Copenhagen before. I recall I did transfer a flight there once, long time ago, but I haven’t been to the actual city. But I won’t be visiting the actual city this time either – arriving to the venue on Monday evening and leaving Thursday afternoon means that I will be just staying in the venue, hotel or in the party. Yes, I hear there is going to be quite a party on Wednesday!

My session is about Workshops and Meetings in the Microsoft Metaverse. As Mesh for Teams immersive meetings didn’t make it out yet, I can’t talk about experiences with it – but Mesh for Teams is not the only way how you can meet people in the Microsoft Metaverse – or in the Metaverse. Since I purchased the Meta Quest Pro headset I will be making a good use of it when preparing my session.

Learn more about my session here. I hope to see you in the room – let’s have a chat afterwards at ESPC!

But I am not just doing a session at ESPC22. I am also one of Community Reporters there! This means I will be having some good chats with other speakers and relying the mood of the event!

On top of those activities I will be also doing some Booth duty as Microsoft Teams expert.

Microsoft 365 Conference | December 6-8 2022

After the ESPC22 I will travel to Las Vegas, US, to join Microsoft 365 Conference at MGM Grand as a speaker. And did you know that you can use my code NOPANEN50 to get $50 off the conference ticket? Now you do – book your ticket and let’s meet at the M365 Conf!

I think I may have overdone my title part a bit 😂 You never know how those look like when you submit information to the organizer.

What is the Microsoft 365 Conference? This is how they say it.

The Microsoft 365 Conference welcomes you back to the community, the learning, and the celebration. Join the community as it returns to Las Vegas for the largest, in-person gathering of the Microsoft 365 community in 2022. The Microsoft 365 Conference embraces Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Power Platform, SharePoint, and Microsoft Viva. You’ll meet peers from around the world to share knowledge and experience, and you’ll be guided by dozens of Microsoft product team members and industry experts as you learn what you need to create and implement the inclusive, hybrid workplace of the future.

The Microsoft 365 Conference is co-located at the Intersection of technology with, DEVintersection, the Microsoft Azure + AI Conference, and the Azure Data Conference.  When you register for one conference you have access to keynotes, panels, and sessions from any of the other events.

You’ll discover what’s new in keynotes from Microsoft executives including Jeff Teper, Scott Guthrie, Alysa Taylor, and Rohan Kumar. You’ll dive deep into Teams, SharePoint, Power Platform, Viva, Dynamics 365, Outlook, Yammer and more with Microsoft’s product leaders like Karuana Gatimu, Hugo Bernier, Mark Kashman, Dan Holme and several more. You’ll gain real-world insights from Microsoft MVPs, experts, and customers. No other event offers the breadth, the depth, and the practical, real-world guidance you’ll find at the Microsoft 365 Conference.

  • TRAIN with industry gurus, thought leaders with Microsoft’s product groups
  • NETWORK with peers to share best practices and insights
  • CELEBRATE the launch of Microsoft’s latest innovations and our diverse, vibrant community IN PERSON

The Microsoft 365 Conference is packed with over 100+ sessions, panels, and workshops for everyone who works with Microsoft 365, presented by Microsoft’s leaders and experts.

The Microsoft 365 Conference is for seasoned veterans, you’ll learn best practices to implement the latest product developments,

The Microsoft 365 Conference will provide a dive deep into practical guidance to help you plan, architect, deploy, support, and extend Microsoft technologies to address your business objectives.

The Microsoft 365 Conference is once again an immersive, in-person experience that brings the community together, from around the world. Don’t miss your chance to experience it!

That is just excellent and I can’t wait to get there and meet a lot of community friends, making new ones and of course to be able to step onto the stage with my good friend Adam Deltinger to deliver two sessions!

How Microsoft Mesh and Metaverse are going to change Teams meetings

Adam and I will be talking about how your meetings will be different with Mesh for Teams. And of course we share our views and experiences with Mesh Avatars and help you get started towards the Metaverse – and the Future of Work.

Learn more about the session here.

Shared channels in Teams: real business scenarios

Adam and I will be sharing you our own experiences using Shared Channels , cover how they work, and discuss opportunities they bring. We might just drop in a few demos as well!

Learn more about the session here.

See you in-person at these events!

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