Big Industry and a retro-glance at the Metaverse One

Metaverse One, the Community Metaverse Conference 2022, was live at 7th of September. As one of the organizers of the event I think it is time to share some information how I felt the event went. In a very short summary: we are extremely happy for the reception and to the event. This was the first one of it’s kind – inaugural event – that we will start to develop and include more topics and speakers to make it worth attending and speaking in. As the event is a community event, this doesn’t have any other money behind it but what we organizer need to use for mandatory costs. As with Teams Nation, we want to democratize the knowledge and make the event accessible for everyone – not just to those who can afford traveling.

What we did differently from Teams Nation, is that we also streamed the event’s room 1 live to various destinations:

Room 1 was chose for streaming since it is where we had the longer program – including ending keynotes.


  1. Attendance and numbers
  2. My Session at Metaverse One; Big Industry: Metaverse and the Future of Work
  3. Metaverse One Session Recordings
  4. The Metaverse Venue
  5. Afterparty

Attendance and numbers

We can call Metaverse One a success based on these numbers from attendance and feedback.

Number of attendees300
Net Promoter Score75%
Session average4.4/5
Conference average4.5/5

Looking at total number of attendees we got a nice number of around 400 people overall. On top of that it is good to remember that most of the content is published to Metaverse One YouTube channel to enable viewing later. This is what the future is also about: we work and learn asynchronously.

On this inaugural event we wanted to keep things compact. We had only three rooms and less sessions & speakers than in recent years. Thanks to the great moderators ( Sharon Sumner, Paul Dredge and Matti Paukkonen) everything run smoothly and we received great feedback on organizing the event.

Here are the organizers for Metaverse One 2022.

Metaverse One will be back 2023! And we are very happy that Sharon Sumner has now joined the organizers!

My Session at Metaverse One; Big Industry: Metaverse and the Future of Work

I presented a session named Big Industry and the Future of Work at the event. For those who missed my session, you can view it from Metaverse One Youtube recording.

You can also view session slides here

Metaverse One Session Recordings

You can check out Metaverse One YouTube channel, or view them directly on the Metaverse One Playlist. What we hope and wish, is that everyone would subscribe to Metaverse One channel as well!

For those who want just to view videos quick, here is the playlist – opening with the first session of Room 1.

The Metaverse Venue

Of course we wanted to have a Metaverse venue for the event. In this effort we got help from a company Hololux. We had their help already with Teams Nation Afterparty, since they are also known for creating Metaverse party experiences. Christian Glessner and Zaid Zaim are also Microsoft MVPs and were also speakers in Metaverse One.

As can be seen from pictures, the venue looked excellent and there were some attendees who enjoyed watching the event and collaborating in the Metaverse. In the future this should be even easier for attendees, with Mesh for Teams. However I personally enjoyed this space – very relaxed and cool. Big thanks for Hololux for arranging this space for us.


Of course we didn’t say no when Christian and Zaid asked if Hololux should create an Afterparty for Metaverse One! We express our huge thanks for making the Afterparty happen. This took some load off us as well, since they arranged the whole party.

The party venue was truly something – something that one could imagine a Metaverse themed party space would be. And to be honest – one of best AltSpace VR spaces I have been to. This was not just about the enviroment but the overall look and feel (I used Meta Quest 2 to join in), immersing in the Metaverse and talking with others. From technical side the holoported DJ was very awesome: hovering in clouds and playing music. And also the environment was not static: rings on the dance floor responded and reacted to the music and beat. If this can be done in AltSpace VR – what can be done in the Microsoft Mesh platform.. The future is indeed something extraordinary!

Group photo on the dance floor. Thank you Zaid for the picture!
Of course I had to take a selfie
Zaid’s avatar on front.
Thank you Matti Paukkonen for recording and sharing a video on entering the Afterparty!

Thank you all attendees, speakers, moderators and everyone who supported Metaverse One.
Metaverse One will be back 2023!

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