Join Metaverse One – a Microsoft Metaverse community event on September 7th 2022

I welcome all my readers to join us at the Metaverse One. As I am one of main organizers for the event I of course want to make you aware about what’s available for you all. Metaverse One is community driven – there isn’t any selling invovled if you register. It is also 100% free event and it’s aim is to share knowledge and inspiration to the community. If you are interested to learn about the Metaverse, Mixed Reality, HoloLenses, Mesh for Teams or want to learn how to create those experiences – you are most welcome to join us! There are sessions on business/philosophical side (like ethics of Metaverse) and also sessions about deep dive tech.

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Schedule in CEST timezone:
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Register to Metaverse One here. It is 100% free!

My own session, which I present on Track one, is about Big Industry – industrial and smart cities/spaces metaverse. That has buzzing keywords like Digital Twins, IoT and Dynamics during the presentation.

Organizers of Metaverse One are:

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3. Share the word about the event with #MetaverseOne hashtag.

We have plans that we will be sharing at least some of sessions real time to the Metaverse and very likely will enable some streams where you can join and watch the conference sessions during the day. Stay tuned!

Please #share information about the #MetaverseOne event so everyone in the community can join and enjoy the experience!

Yes – we do have an Afterparty in the Metaverse after ending keynotes! Note: the link updates to the afterparty during 7th of September. Now it takes you to how to get started with AltSpace VR. Metaverse One Afterparty is going to be powered by HoloLux .. and as they have lots of experience by greating community afterparties it will be an experience you want to check out by joining us!

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  1. End keynotes by Microsoft speakers
    1. Six Steps to Prepare for the Metaverse
    2. Collaborating in the Metaverse with Mesh for Teams
  2. See what’s happening on Metaverse One – view our Tracks Decrypted Videos!

End keynotes by Microsoft speakers

End keynotes will be done by Microsoft Speakers Karuana Gatimu and Pouneh Kaufman.

Six Steps to Prepare for the Metaverse

We’re all talking about it but what will be the impact of the metaverse on our hybrid work scenarios and business applications? There are many hypothesis but right now there are concrete steps you can take to prepare your business and career for this fundamental change to business interaction. Join Karuana Gatimu, Principle Manager of the Customer Advocacy Group for Microsoft Teams Engineering as she discusses a people first strategy for Mesh for Teams, the metaverse and your IT operations.

Customer Advocacy Group, Microsoft Teams Engineering
I’m a technology professional with a passion for people, leadership and Microsoft. Currently, I work in the Microsoft Teams engineering group managing our Customer Advocacy team. I get a chance to drive quality into our product and help organizations with their digital transformation using Microsoft 365 cloud services.I’m also the producer of Coffee in the Cloud, a video series about Microsoft 365 and my team delivers, communities for Champions, ITPros and Event Producers and content for Microsoft Learn. I co-chair the Microsoft Global Community Initiative ( that globally supports community organizers. I am passionate about women in technology and am founder of the Women of Color Leadership Community and the Microsoft E+D Womens’ Board.I love to travel, cook and read science fiction which is increasingly becoming science fact. As a lifelong learner I’m constantly studying topics about the evolution of the human condition, the mind and our deeper desire for meaningful lives. Meaning for me comes from my husband and two rescue dogs, Cooper & Bandit.Reach out via LinkedIn at and follow @MSFTAdoption on Twitter

Collaborating in the Metaverse with Mesh for Teams

We work, play, and live in virtual communities. But, until the pandemic, we had never seen mainstream acknowledgment of the impact that mixed reality and the metaverse will have on the future of work. Seize the opportunity to envision a future with Microsoft Mesh for Teams. Learn how we are aiming to connect people together, bringing new experiences with human presence into these Immersive Teams meetings.

GPM, Mixed Reality, Microsoft | Metaverse | Mesh | AltspaceVR
Pouneh is a Group Product Manager – in Mixed Reality organization. I drive the development strategy and roadmap to support large scale immersive social experiences across gaming, entertainment, and enterprise scenarios. Working with internal and external partners to develop and implement metaverse strategy. Transforming how people interact with AR/VR/MR technology, by empowering consumers, creators, developers, and enterprise to easily produce, host and monetize events. Leading a team of Product Managers while supporting Microsoft Mesh platform and AltspaceVR. Passionate about co-creating a metaverse that is inclusive, safe and amplifies the best of humanity.

See what’s happening on Metaverse One – view our Tracks Decrypted Videos!

Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

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