Mojo Vision – XR Contact Lenses

Thanks to a colleague of mine I took a look at Mojo Vision. I was surprised that this had totally been hidden from my radar so far. In short: Mojo Vision is a contact lens with Extended / Augmented Reality capabilities. Just a few days ago Mojo published an article about their CEO testing out their advanced prototype the first time.

..highlighting a series of new hardware features and breakthrough technologies embedded directly into the lens — including a new and advanced display, eye tracking, communications, and software. These integrate with an eye-based UI to create an AR system that can provide discreet access to the information you need throughout your day—all while letting you look like yourself.

The Mojo Blog

Taken from their blog post, here are tech specs they have

  • At the heart of Mojo Lens is our 14,000 pixel- per-inch MicroLED display. Measuring less than 0.5mm in diameter with a pixel-pitch of 1.8 microns, it is the world’s smallest and densest display ever created for dynamic content.
  • Mojo Vision has developed custom application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) designs for Mojo Lens that incorporate a 5GHz radio and ARM Core M0 processor that transmit sensor data off the lens and stream augmented reality (AR) content to the MicroLED display.
  • Mojo Lens has a custom-configured accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer that continuously track eye movements so that AR imagery is held still as the eyes move.
  • Mojo Lens uses a proprietary power management system that includes medical-grade micro-batteries and a Mojo-developed power management integrated circuit.
  • Mojo Lens is controlled with a unique and intuitive interface based on eye tracking that allows users to access content and select items without hand or gesture-based controllers, just the natural movement of the eyes.

As expected, Mojo Vision lens is small.

Of course there are plenty of questions for this – how long the battery will last (will it be useful?) and how much it will cause fatigue to the eye. Can it be used instead of normal contact lenses that help vision in physical ways?

Thinking about the future Mojo Vision is quite a great step forward. Invisible tech is the term they used and devices like this can indeed make the Metaverse much more socially acceptable – and private to you.

Couple of pictures from their video, where they highlight travel experience:

You can take a look at that video yourself, this one starts at the moment where travel and other example is shown briefly.

In their older highlight video you can see more examples about their vision.

And here is their CEO testing Mojo Vision lenses, starting from the beginning.

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