Chrome Teams now supports sharing in meetings

The long awaited sharing of a screen/app has appeared in the Teams running on Chrome! This means that you can have better meetings with persons who don’t have Teams app installed.

When you hit Share button you notice there are slight differences compared to the desktop app:

  • no applications
  • no screen selection

This options appear in the next screen once you select Screenshare. From this screen you can choose to share

  • Entire screen (desktop)
  • Specific application
  • A chrome tab that is open in the browser session where you use Teams.

When playing around with this, I noticed that anonymously joined users don’t have access to screen sharing yet. This means that attending users need to have Office 365 accounts to be able to use screen sharing.

Also, you can’t request control to shared screen when you or the other part is using Chrome

When sharing a screen you get a small snippet on a window that tells about sharing. It is not on top of the screen as with desktop app sharing.

Of course if you play around, like I did, sharing a screen and putting the desktop app to a screen shared via different Chrome session.. you get classic results. 😁😂 (no, I don’t consider this a bug – very rarely someone has two sessions in a same computer – these happen only when you don’t use two separate computers when taking screenshots and testing features). But it surely fun “old candle + camera + tv feedback style of trick”

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