Teams Nation Community Conference | 12th of May 2021

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The main page and hub with schedule open before the event.

Event rooms will open on the event date May 12th 2021.

Teams Nation Community Conference will run from 8am until 8pm CET.

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Teams Nation Community Conference (TNCC) is a 100% free, 100% community driven conference dedicated to Microsoft Teams. It aims to bring together exceptional technical talent and thought leaders to democratize Teams knowledge, encourage participation in the Teams community and give those who are struggling financially an opportunity to attend a first class Teams conference.

Our recent renaming from TeamsFest to Teams Nation Community Conference not only means a longer name, but also that it will be even bigger and better than ever before. With 11 tracks  and 100+ sessions, you can choose the Teams conference you always wanted, whether that is centered on a specific track, such as Adoption & Governance, or choosing sessions across multiple tracks.

This time around we also have several brand new tracks; SOYS including SharePoint, Yammer, OneDrive and Stream, a French and a German track, a community lounge as well as an unconference track. With cutting edge Teams content including many deep dive demo-driven sessions, you will get the opportunity to see some of the best community speakers in the world.

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Track 1: Adoption and governance –
Track 2: Security and Compliance –
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Track 4: Meetings, Calling & Devices –
Track 5: Education and Community –
Track 6: Build and Extend –
Track 7: Table Talks and Unconference –
Track 8: The Power Platform –
Track 9: SP,OD,Yammer, Stream (SOYS)-
Track 10: French track (aMS) –
Track 11: German track (TCD DE) –

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12th of May 2021

Best, Vesku, Chris, Adam and Chris