Teams Nation | 12th of May 2021

Welcome to Teams Nation

Teams Nation is a 100% free, 100% community based digital event focused on Microsoft Teams and its underlying technologies. Its aim is to bring together Microsoft, Community Leaders and the Tech Community to democratize technical knowledge, empower the audience and celebrate Teams which has enabled us to take Teamwork to the next level.

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Our mantra is

Together Everybody Achieves More

Our last event, TeamsFest, was a resounding success. With 85 sessions, over 50 hours of content, and 95 speakers from all over the world, we had over 1300 unique attendees and an all up event rating of 4.7/5 based on over 300 feedbacks.

Teams Nation Community Conference includes

  • 11 tracks (including German and French language tracks)
  • 114 sessions
  • Several Microsoft features speakers including Jeff Teper and Karuana Gatimu
  • Easy to join for both attendees & speakers!

So we look forward to seeing you again for our fourth event and the first under the new title of Teams Nation. What we have learnt over the last year is that our passion for Microsoft Teams and it’s underlying technologies goes beyond geographical borders, or roles, and where we are now is a very different place than when we started eighteen months ago.

For a day, we get to leave our organizations and businesses behind and all come together as members of Teams Nation on 12th of May 2021.

We look forward to telling you more soon.

Meanwhile keep on checking our main event info page and follow our hashtag & Twitter account.

12th of May 2021

Best, Vesku, Chris, Adam and Chris