Microsoft Presenter+ review

Thanks to Microsoft, I got finally my hands to test Microsoft Presenter+, the remote controller for PowerPoint presentations. Yes, I do like it and it does what is promises regarding being the device for Microsoft Teams meetings.

Key features

  • Microsoft Teams -certified
  • Connected via Bluetooth
  • Button for mute and unmute, works also in Microsoft Teams meetings
  • More forward and back in slides
  • Laser pointer, works also in Microsoft Teams meetings
  • 6 days usage time
  • USB-C

For more tech details, check out Microsoft’s product page

The Microsoft Presenter+ is a really professional looking device. Lightweight, small and yet packs all the relevant info I need for presentations. Big mute / unmute button that is lit white when your mic is open. Microsoft Teams logo is also lit when you are in the meeting. Connection to Surface Laptop Studio was very smooth and no cables were needed. Surface noticed that there was a new device and after a short time Presenter was ready.

In Teams meeting, mic open.

When mic is muted, the microphone is lit red.

If you long press Teams-button in the meeting it activates Raise Hand.

Controlling presentation is the beauty here – I can use this one with PowerPoint Live in Teams meeting as it advances slides and using the laser pointer activates the laser pointer tool there. I can also use this with PowerPoint desktop application, of course, to advance slides. Interestingly the laser point button use the PowerPoint’s version of it when used with PowerPoint desktop app. Instead Presenter+ has it’s own laser point that is used in Windows outside Microsoft Teams meetings.

First, you should install / open Microsoft Accessory Center to configure Presenter+ and to learn more about it.

In the Accessory Center you can set up functions for buttons. On default only basic clicks are there, but it is possible to configure press and hold features for both next and previous buttons.

Of course I picked up the most obvious ones.

And checking Call control part I also learned I can use press and hold Mute button to temporarily unmute and talk.

It is possible to configure also which tactile signals are used.

For charging it is possible to use USB-C or the stand that comes with the Presenter+.

My experiences

Based on my usage so far, I am really happy with Presenter+. I adore Logitech Spotlight for the style, but Presenter+ jumped to be my favorite presenter tool from day #1 because it also works in Teams meetings when using PowerPoint Live. And it contains quite a nice bunch of features for it’s small size. Light showing up mute / unmute is going to be very valuable when presenting on or attending hybrid meetings. Indicator that Teams meeting is up and running is also a good reminder “you are online”. Raise Hand can be activated with the remote as well: a long press of Teams button in Presenter+ activates Raise Hand.

And even when I am not presenting, I like the mute/unmute in the presenter. It is a large and visual button that can be easily used at hand’s reach while maintaining camera contact. I use the presenter even when I am not actually presenting – but more as a companion for meeting.

Laser pointer is a nice bonus, since it also uses Teams PowerPoint Live feature directly. When presenting outside Teams meeting, Logitech’s highlight/spotlight feature is very powerful, compared to the laser pointer Presenter+ gives.

Yes. I like this one, jumped to one of my favorite gadgets because it is really useful. Too bad this one is just a loan device for testing..

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