Logitech Litra Glow LED streaming light: review

Logitech Litra Glow is a very portable and not too expensive premium LED light that you can take it with you when traveling, or you know you need to amp up the lightning when in meetings. Or should I make bad joke and mention “one liter of Glow”. That is what I thought the first time when this device popped to my radar. I was looking a lightweight portable light I could use while traveling, since I had some bad experiences on hotel room lightning. When you are using a webcam you want for sure some proper lighting. And the not-well-known origin of that joke is that of course the liter is litra in Finnish. A volumetric measurement. This isn’t as bad for most of other languages, I would assume. But the name doesn’t hurt, if you don’t let it. So let’s go on with the review.

Some short tech Specs of the Litra Glow, for more info check Logitech’s product page.

  • 250 Lumen max output optimized for desktop streaming
    • Height: 14.41 in (365.9 mm)
      Width: 3.56 in (90.5 mm)
      Depth: 1.71 in (43.5 mm)
      Weight: 6.24 oz (177 g)
  • Diffuser: Proprietary Frameless Diffuser
  • Monitor Mount
    • 4 inch (101.6 mm)vertical telescoping
    • 2 inch (50.8 mm) horizontal extension
    • 360 degree swivel top
    • Removable to reveal ¼-20 threads for mounting Litra Glow on standard tripods
    • Dimensions with Monitor Mount, Full Extension
      • Height: 14.41 in (365.9 mm)
      • Width: 3.56 in (90.5 mm)
      • Depth: 1.71 in (43.5 mm)
  • Cable 4.92 ft (1.5 m) USB C to USB A cable
  • Color Temperature Range: 2700K – 6500K (Kelvin)

While Litra Glow is called a streaming light, you don’t have to be a streamer to use it 🥳

My Experiences

As I already mentioned I wasn’t looking to use Glow at home office, but to have a portable, but decent quality, USB light with me when I am traveling. Since it doesn’t have a battery, it can be in the checked in luggage. Besides being a lightweight, I wanted to have a better lighting option available. It comes without a traveling case, which is a minus. During first travels I had it just packed in to my luggage in the middle of clothes, but I found a rather good case designed for Litra Glow. That does make it a bit, not much, larger, but I don’t have to worry about breaking it.

The use of the Glow is easy – just plug it into the USB.  If you are using your computer, be sure to use the Logitech G Hub app to control the Glow. You can tune the color temperature (cool/warm) and control the light output via G Hub very easily – and also to update it.  If you plug the Glow to USB power you can use +/- buttons to manage the light temperature (cool-warm) and the amount of light. The Glow is meant to be attached on top of the monitor / laptop screen. You can adjust the height of the light somewhat – this feature is the one affecting the size of the Glow. But it was also the feature I noticed to be something I want to have when using a portable light.

My experiences with the Glow are positive. It is a good device for its price ($60) in my experience. It is not a light for your daily or fixed location use, but to help your video look better when you are moving around (or traveling). For me it makes it possible to use the light to even do a webinar or workshop on the road if needed (away from my home office setup). And it is also helpful in customer meetings. The monitor mount with 360 swivel makes it possible to place the light quite well (within the limits). I also like that I can use Litra Glow on top of a standard tripod if needed.

Of course some room for improvement exists. The Glow is plastic in build, which makes it feels a bit cheap for its price – however having a metallic build would mean a price and weight increase. If you disassemble the Glow (unscrew the light off the monitor stand) you can then pack it to smaller size. The height adjustment is good but it is almost mandatory to use it in the tallest position because otherwise I will have the bring light directly onto my eyes – and especially reflecting the light from my glasses to camera.


  • Lightweight and reasonably small
  • Easiness
  • Light Panel that is balanced between directional and area light (this is relative to the size of panel)
  • Good for travel use
  • 360 swivel top


  • Plastic build
  • USB-A (remedy this with an adapter or use with Logi or other Dock if you have only USB-C ports like I have)
  • Case not included in the package

Overall, I am happy of the Glow in the use case I have. I don’t try to push it to be more than it is. The need for me was to have a portable and lightweight light I can take easily with me when I am traveling or working elsewhere but at my home desk. Proper lighting makes a big difference in online meetings, and lets you have a better impression to attendees.

Of course the light is not as soft as with two larger key lights. Physics matter in this, but if you don’t have any light available Litra Glow will help you to boost your webcam image quality. For online meetings this quality is more than enough and I could be using Litra Glow for a webinar if I didn’t have larger key lights.

There is also a Litra Beam, which is a larger version in the same product family with a $99 price. It has a more solid stand and it also provides much more light than the Litra Glow. Based on reviews I have read, it is quite a solid package. Use case, besides being used for YouTube streaming, would be to have a better quality presentation of you when using video meetings. I have not had the pleasure of trying Logitech Litra Beam myself yet. I do have two Elgato Key Lights in my home office so I don’t have an immediate need for the Beam. If you don’t have any lights yet and you are considering options then based on reviews I have read I suggest, despite not having tested it myself, you check out Litra Beam as well if that would suit your needs.

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