Logitech Zone True Wireless – review and experiences

I have been recently testing several Jabra earbuds, so I am glad that – thanks to Logitech – I was able to give a test run for Logitech Zone True Wireless buds as well. Initially these look a lot bigger than Jabra Elite 7 series, but to my surprise there wasn’t as much size difference in the use as I thought. In summary Zone True Wireless buds do very well their job – good audio, great ANC, Microsoft Teams Certified, and can replace larger headset in various use cases. Especially if you want to travel lighter these are very lightweight and space saving compared to over-the-ear headsets and their cases. For some people these could be even replace larger headsets fully.

  1. Some tech specs
  2. Unboxing
  3. Size
  4. LogiTune for updates and settings
  5. My Experiences

Some tech specs

First, let’s list some of tech specs. You can find more specs at Logitech datasheet.

  • Certified for Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Google Voice and Zoom
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Surrounding noise cancelling
  • 6 mics ( 3 on both bud)
  • 2 active connections and up to 6 stored connections
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • USB-C + Wireless charging
    • 2.5 hrs for full earbuds charge
    • 2.5 hrs for full case charge
    • 5 mins quick charge = Up to 1 hr talk time or listening time
  • 5 hours talk time, 6 hours listening time (ANC on).
  • Carrying case holds two full charges (12 hours listening with with ANC on) for buds
    • This means roughly 18 hours of listening time in total.
  • Update and control with Logi Tune app
  • Remote Management with Logitech Sync
  • Comes with carrying case that holds dongle, adapter and USB A – USB C cord.
  • Business line device with pricetag around $300


Modern devices have really good unboxing experience. You get to see Get Started instructions right away, since we all know people don’t open the manual anyway. This way you can’t miss these – as simple as the setup it.

When you open the box you can find the case with buds sitting there very neatly.

Before this one, I hadn’t thought there would be good to have a short cord hanging out from the case. I am not sure the design is 100% best for the business line (I leave that to your imagination) but it can make the life easier to pull them off jean’s money pocket.

Buds are nearly identical, with just one button difference. There is a weak magnet keeping buds securely in the case, but they don’t snap to their locations as firmly as Jabra Elite 7 series does.

Logitech Zone True Wireless comes with a cloth carrying case. It is similar than the one with Logitech Zone Wired buds, which means it is very lightweight and easy to carry with you. While ideally you wouldn’t need extra pouch it is actually a good thing with Zone True Wireless buds. This way you can ensure you have both charing cable, USB-C to USB-A adapter and the dongle with you. The case also includes S and L ear pieces (M is on by defaul) in case you need to adjust them to fit better to your ears – but once you have found your size you don’t want to carry those extra pieces with you. Size M was this time perfect fit for me from the beginning.

Normally you can store all parts easily in the pouch. Of course when on the go the buds case will be on my jean’s money pocket. But it does fit the pouch too, in case you were wondering.


Of course I had to compare Logitech buds to Jabra Elite 7 series on the size. It is good to remember that Logitech buds are targeted towards business and office us, while Jabra Elite 7 series has a consumer and activity target group.

Jabra Elite 7 series buds and case are smaller than Logitech in size – but especially on the case size difference isn’t that big. The design is different, but the primary thing is that both fit (my) jean’s money pocket easily.

Logitech Zone True Wireless case vs Jabra Elite 7 series case

Logitech case is longer, but Jabra case is thicker. As both as nearly the same width it depends on the pocket design which fits better (or both)

Wearing Logitech Zone True Wireless buds makes them stand out of ear more than Jabra does. In the pictures above I am using Logitech on first three photos (taken inside) and Jabra Elite 7 Pro on the last one. You can feel Logitech is clearly more out of ear than Jabra, but on pictures it doesn’t look that bad.

However, since Logitech Zone True Wireless is aimed to businesses I think these would be used more in the office, in cafe and in commuting & traveling than in activities like cycling or sports.

LogiTune for updates and settings

First thing you should do with all devices is to make sure you have provider’s software installed so you can update them to the latest firmware and can access settings. For Logitech Zone True Wireless you use Logitune.

Of course there was a Firmware update waiting. Update was smooth and didn’t even take too much time.

With Logitune you can then adjust.different options and setttings on the buds. In the sound you can set buds between Noise Cancellation (ANC) ON, ANC Disabled and Transparency (hear-through) modes. In Settings you get to adjust in-ear detection (I wasn’t impressed about this, on default it is off so after trying it out I turned it off.. It worked on backwards with me playing music when I took buds off and pausing it when I put them on – probably something that will be fixed in the future updates) , sleep settings (default off, but I put it on to 30 mins ) as well as button functions. In button functions you can set activities for short press, long press and double tap for both buds separately. You can choose from quite limited functions there – it would be great to have a triple tap option as well.

Of course you can install Logi Tune to your mobile as well. First I had some issues with it because I had already paired Logitech Zone True Wireless to my mobile.. I had to unpair it, open LogiTune and then repair it for it to recognize that I have indeed paired the buds.

My Experiences

After using these a while, I have to say I have overall good experiences with Logitech Zone True Wireless buds. I do like that they fit very well on my ears and because of that I can wear them for longer periods of time. The audio is very good and based on Teams and few phone calls I’ve had the mics also work really well – receivers didn’t hear any road or wind noise even when I had window open. I also liked that I didn’t have to turn on bass boost because on default the music sounded bassy enough.

There has been a few occasional hickups. I had a couple self-reboots of buds when listening music – usually buds are on this scenario connected via Bluetooth to both laptop and phone. I haven’t had this one in recent weeks. Other situation when these buds sometimes hanged up was when removing them from ears and putting them back – this too hasn’t happened anymore for some time so I think Logitech has fixed these bugs already. These situations were resolved quickly, and I hope Logitech continues improving their firmware and fix bugs as they emerge.

“Serious business”

Combined with good ear fit means I could use these for longer meetings and workshops – and especially during summer I tend to choose buds over over-the-ears due to heat. However, I didn’t do any test calls in a very loud surround noise like food court or crowded cafe. I did test these by making noise in Teams call with tapping on table or typing with the keyboard. Buds managed typing noise (combined with Teams noise cancellation) well but louder table tapping caused audio to break down. The audio sounded so good that I can actually use these for a session or even a webinar. And I did that already, when I checked the audio before my session with organizers they said it sounded really good. Once the recording is out, I need to check that myself and update here the link.

The good fit on my ears is very important, since it also blocks outside noises on top of giving me assurance that expensive buds don’t just fall off my ears on their own. ANC (active noise cancellation) works very well – I was impressed how good it was. It blocks most of the road and wind noise that comes through the open window – and also reduces a good amount of the noise kid creates when playing or having a bad moment. Buds seem to default ANC off very often, so you may have to turn it on separately.

On my first Teams call with buds ANC was turned off and I used LogiTune to check it & turn it on. It is good to check that you have ANC on before claiming that the ANC doesn’t work. When noise cancellation is on: I would have no issue taking these to the airplane as ANC device. Both Jabra Elite 7 series and these are good for traveling from that point of view. I was also happy for ANC results for Logi Zone True Wireless at a cafe. Ambient noise was reduced quite a good amount, but people speaking on nearby tables could be still heard. After turning on the music I was able to concentrate on working very easily.

Dongle has Teams-purple light when connected and Teams-ready. I am very very very glad the light doesn’t pulsate.

Battery life is close to specs. I didn’t give them performance test as is, but this is purely my views on ordinary daily use on both calls and music with ANC on. However these would be good easily couple of workdays with the case that holds two full charges (together roughly 15 hours with ANC on). This is less than what Jabra buds do, but is close to what you get with Surface Headphones 2+. Zone True Wireless buds charge quite fast in their case so I am not too worried about the “one sitting” battery life this time – even 10-15 minute break can charge a chunk of use time back to buds.

As Logitech Zone True Wireless has a very good audio, ok battery life and it is Teams Certified device these could be quite an optimal traveling or business companion devices due to taking less space & weight than over-the-ear headset. But it is good to remember that most over-the-ear headsets block noise much better (especially with ANC) than buds can. In my last trip I had both buds and Surface Headphones 2+ with me, but I didn’t have to use over-the-ear headset at all. It just tells how good ANC is in buds. I might consider traveling lighter in the future – using buds only. Especially when buds are Teams Certified it means I could be using them in calls & meetings as well without issues. What is lacking (in both buds and Surface Headphones 2+) is the boom mic, which can be an issue in tougher audio surroundings.

Overall and as a conclusion I am very happy and excited about Logitech Zone True Wireless buds. These are a solid package with good quality audio, battery life that can last couple of work days and Teams Certification with dongle making meetings & calls sound good. I could even say that these are the first buds I could consider as an alternative to larger (over-the-ear) headset. I didn’t try to keep these on for full 5 hours without any breaks, so it is very likely that if you do that often you want to have a comfy headset on. Or you know that a boom-mic helps in your environment.

Between beginning of July (when I wrote the first part of this article) and today I got my work laptop upgraded to Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio. That means I no longer have USB-A port in my laptop, and with this Logitech case containing USB-C to USB-A adapter is very useful. If you keep that in the case you always have one when needed. Sure – the dongle extends a bit longer with that, but overall it doesn’t look too bad.

Are these worth the price (about $300) is a question people need to answer when making purchase requests to the finance. These can be managed by the organization IT and thus it can make sure they are always up to date. The price is close to what good quality over-the-ear headets cost, but these weight a lot less and are smaller. Based on my experiences these will be replacing a big headset on some people who travel a lot, or don’t like big headsets generally.

Thinking about various meetings and calls I have been – I would rather see people use Teams Certified buds than some random ones that can result a poor audio quality. Some people don’t like to use dongle (why these don’t work without is the comment I get) but I don’t think they realize that the audio and connectivity experience will be often better with one than without. And yes, you can use these without a dongle if you want- I actually have these connected to Laptop Studio via Bluetooth most of the time – especially when traveling and aiming to mostly listen music.

Did you know that Microsoft Teams is actually certifying Teams headsets over Bluetooth (without dongle) starting this month. I assume / hope that these buds would be the first one (or among first ones) to be Teams Certified buds over Bluetooth.

To answer my own question. Yes, these are worth their higher price if you don’t also need to buy a separate headset. No, these don’t have a boom mic (neither has Surface Headphones 2+) but being very versatile, good audio for both calls and music, good fit to my ears, very lightweight to take them with you (compared to over-the-ear headset), good ANC and so on. I have to say I like these a lot, and can see myself taking them to flights (will get to test that at October) as well.

As earbuds are getting better and better, it makes me think will I be using larger headsets that much after all in the future?

Yes, I will for today and tomorrow. Even when earbuds are a good fit to ears, you can’t wear them for as extended long periods as quality over-the-ear headsets. But this might change in a year or few.

3 thoughts on “Logitech Zone True Wireless – review and experiences

  1. Thanks for the review, great stuff!

    Bewteen Jabra evolve 2buds and Logitech, which do you think it will be better choice for teams meetings?



    1. Thank you! Unfortunately I have not had the pleasure to try out new Jabra Evolve2 Buds yet. So I can not compare which one would be better. My wild guess is that both will work very well with Teams, since both are Teams certified (with dongle ). I have used Logitech buds without a dongle and haven’t had issues. That is why it is very easy to say Zone True Wireless buds are really good at the office.


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