Logitech MX Keys Business Mini Combo – Review

A year ago I upgraded my home office desktop with new Logitech MS Keys and MX Master 3 mouse. I have been a so called happy used with them since. I have noticed I rather take the Logitech MX Master 3 with me to travels (despite the size) than Surface Precision mouse. MX Master 3 is very good to use and fits my hand extremely well. Thanks to Logitech I got to try out MX Keys Business Mini Combo recently. In this post I share my experiences and of course it will be also comparing these two sets together.

  1. Some specs
  2. The package and contents
  3. The design, size and customizations
  4. My experiences

Some specs

  • MX Keys Mini for Business and MX Anywhere 3 for Business
  • Mini setup: keyboard is not full lenght and mouse is a small one. You can call this “compact design” or economic need for real estate.
  • Wireless. You can use Logi Bolt or Bluetooth to connect these up to three devices. I connected these with BT.
  • As business line devices: Remote Management is supported
  • Keyboard battery should last about one week (up to 10 days) and mouse up to 70 days. That is quite a bold statement for the mouse. I usually try to recharge my devices weekly.
  • USB-C charging
  • Manage with Logi Options+
  • Price for the combo is around 200€, but you can buy these separately as well.

For full tech specs, check out Logitech site or data sheet.

The package and contents

The package is very business-like and it includes both the keyboard and mouse.

When you open it you can see already instructions how to get started easily.

Included in the package are USB-A – USB-C cord and Logi Bolt dongle.

The setup was really easy. Once I turned devices on I already got notification on Windows 11 to connect to them. Since I knew I would not be using these for long it was really easy to pick Bluetooth as the way to connect. And with my experiences with MX Keys and MX Master mouse I have noticed at least keyboards have better connectivity to my computer when using Bluetooth rather than dongle.

The design, size and customizations

What I liked instantly was the the keyboard is very well built and professional. Just like MX Keys. Both weight more than they first look like to. Key feeling is very very good to me, not silent but silent enough. These keyboards just work.

The size difference between mini version and full version keyboard & mouse looks like this:

MX Keys Mini is much more like a laptop keyboard. Compact and smaller in all ways. I had my doubts when I took this to test, but I am happy to say it is quite good keyboard – even when compact and smaller. It didn’t take me a long time to get used to the small / compact size and I am writing this blog post with MX Keys Mini. But I also know that I am happy to return to full sized MX Keys on most parts.

Looking at extra actions on function keys I found already that using screenshot and emoji buttons are very useful on my use. Mic mute is tied to Windows 11 and you can also use one button to activate Dictation / Cortana / voice assistant if you use one. What I miss are next track change when listening to the music. I could switch voice assistant to that.

But of course – with Logi Options+ you can change what these buttons do.

It didn’t take much time to pick up the new function for the Dictation – in my case Next, which is now used to jump to the next track on a Spotify playlist.

What I really like is the customization options I have with these modern tools.

You can also add more applications to make keys application specific, thus having most useful ones in the use all the time.

I haven’t used these much – to me it is mostly more efficient to remember what keys do instead of changing their actions in application. I can use Elgato Stream Deck to provide more shortcuts available on my desk.

In Logi Options + you can also adjust other settings on MX Keys Mini

You use the same Logi Options + to do changes & updates to MX Anywhere 3 for Business mouse as well.

Just like for the keyboard you can define buttons to your preferences and also add there application specific actions so you have those actions available when the app is used.

There isn’t a horisonal scroll wheel, but you can hold them down while using the wheel to enable horisontal scrolling. You can also use them to switch tabs in a browser, for example, if you just click them.

MAX Master 3 mouse has more buttons & wheels, and thus it can be more useful for productivity seekers. But there are still quite a lot to configure for such a small mouse.

In MX Master 3 I have more keys and applications defined that can help – for example during Microsoft Teams calls I can use buttons to control mute or camera.

My experiences

What I like about MX Keys Mini Combo for Business is that both keyboard and mouse are good quality devices, especially the keyboard is just like it’s big brother but only more compact. These won’t replace my current devices since I have the space on my home office desk. And my hand doesn’t really like to use a small mouse for long periods of time.

MX Anywhere 3 for Business isn’t bad, in fact it is much better on it’s design that many small mouses I have used before. It has a good surface to use and works very well on various surfaces. It’s small size makes it very probable mouse to take on-the-go for business travels, if I know I will not need it all the time. For situations I know I need to use mouse a lot more then MX Master 3 justifies it’s larger size in my backpack. But it is interesting to think if you take a small mouse, good quality Teams Certified earbuds and laptop like the latest Surface Pro with you to business travel you can have a much smaller laptop bag. And since all these can be charged with USB-C you don’t need to worry about too many adapters or add extra cords.

MX Keys Mini was an easy transition for me from a larger keyboard. It has even separate arrow keys on bottom-right part – which do help when editing text or spreadsheet. Despite it’s smaller (compact) size it didn’t bring me any issues. For me it would be easier to keep on using MX Keys Mini than it’s larger brother. Thinking traveling the keyboard of this size might fit the laptop bag as well – if you know you are going to write a lot on travels and you are not on-sync with your laptop keyboard. Personally I don’t take external keyboard to go with my laptop, but if you want to use one keyboard for laptop and tablet then nothing really stops you from connecting MX Keys Mini to a tablet and use it.

So my verdict is that I would not switch (at least currently) from larger keyboard and mouse to Mini Combo but that is due to personal ergonomics. MX Keys Mini has good updated extra function keys, but you can also configure MX Keys to new tricks. I am sure there are quite a many people who prefer smaller / compact keyboards & mouses and if you are looking for one – give this MX Keys Mini Combo for Business a test.

As a fun fact. that it took me some time to relearn how to type with MX Keys full version keyboard. I would not want to jump between these two keyboards all the time. This actually tells how good the mini was for me.

2 thoughts on “Logitech MX Keys Business Mini Combo – Review

  1. It’s well built but not for all. I hated the indented keys so I bought the Satechi x1 slim. It an apple style keyboard in aluminium with back lite keys and connection to 3 blue tooth items. That’s the one you want.


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