Logitech C925e business webcam

It is quite well-known that most of laptop built-in web cameras are not very high quality devices. To counter that issue it is very useful to have a separate webcam you can use to have a better image quality. And depending on the webcam you can also get a better microphones with it. Thanks to Logitech Nordics who let me test Logitech C925e business webcam. First, this isn’t Logitech BRIO but much more affordable cam (less than $100/100€) and thus could be considered a basic level business device. But since it is a business line device, it also means organizations can manage these devices easier than consumer versions.

First, some specs

✅ Microsoft Teams certified.
✅ 1080p/30fps
✅ 3MPix
✅ Dual omni-directional mics (up to 1 meter)
✅ Field of view: 78°
✅ 1.83 m cable

More tech specs and details can be found from Logitech’s site.

C925e is actually larger than Logitech BRIO. While BRIO has better specs (including Windows Hello support) C925e is just larger – perhaps the wider size helps with microphone directions. But despite this comparison C925e isn’t too large. It does have a lot of plastique feel in it, but it feels sturdy.

What I really liked was how easy the privacy shield is reachable and how it clearly shows when it is on. This is much better than the “shield” that comes with BRIO.

The built-in privacy shield is a slider on top of the cam.
You also have a tripod-ready universal mounting clip that fits on top of laptops and displays easily. Just like it should be.

I set the C925e on top of Surface Pro 7. Yes, it does look quite big on top of the small screen but on the other hand – it also helped to bring the camera to better position than when using Surface Pro 7 built-in camera. The difference isn’t a huge one, but it helps.

Indicator light tells you when the camera is on.

You can manage Logitech C925e with LogiTune application.

In Color adjustment you can adjust contrast, sharpness and other settings – as well as use filters if you so choose to.

One important reason to use Logi Tune is of course is that with it you can update supported Logitech audio and camera devices.

My experiences

The setup was easy – just plug and play. Teams automatically recognizes the camera and you can start using it in calls.

I did some tests – comparing C925e and Surface Pro 7 built-in camera and microphones. I have two Elgato key lights I use when at Microsoft Teams calls but today was also a ok weather outside so I tested this also in the natural light.

Logitech C925e – natural light. A bit of overexposure on the window side (right on the picture).

Logitech C925e – Keylights on. Much better overall picture.

Surface Pro 7 – Front Camera. Natural light. Surface manages better to have a more balanced result with less overburning.

Surface Pro 7 – Front Camera. Keylights on.

Overall this looks to me that I would have better generic results with Logitech C925e than using built-in Surface Pro 7 camera. C925e is a bit worse in the natural light, but when conditions change it has more adjustment there. The camera is positioned a bit higher than the built-in version so it looks more natural in the meeting as well.

Microphone was clearly better than what Surface Pro 7 offers. The tone was richer and deeper, while Surface Pro 7 microphones created a more metallic tones to the voice. The audio quality jump was clearly something to consider if you want an easy, and not too expensive way to sound better than with the built-in mics. Of course it is good to keep in mind that this webcam mics is meant for personal experience – the quality drops if there are speakers further away.

I would generally buy Logitech BRIO for it’s 4K quality, pan, tilt, zoom and Windows Hello support. But since Logitech BRIO costs almost $200/200€ it is not something you buy just for fun. Logitech C925e is a solid webcam for reasonable price if you don’t need BRIOs features.

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