Logitech Zone Wired Earbuds

It is always great to do some testing and review on new devices. Thanks to Logitech Nordics I got Logitech Zone Wired Earbuds for testing. Those who me, also know that I am not a fan of wired headsets. The wire seems to be always on the way and causes noise to the audio. Read on to see what I think about these.

First, some tech specs

✅ Microsoft Teams certified. This is also reflected in the built-in remote
✅ USB-C, but comes with USB-C -> USB-A adapter
✅ Comes with several various ear-pieces (XS, S, M & L )to help fitting more ears
✅ Noise-cancelling dual microphones
✅ 145cm wire
✅ Carrying pouch
✅ Buds attach to each other with magnets. Tidy.

For more information and tech specs, please check Logitech site.

Overall – I like how earbuds and ear-pieces fit to one pouch. The thich paper holder for extra pieces won’t last for long but once you find your size you don’t need to carry them with you anyway. The whole set is very lightweight and easy to take along. Since it doesn’t have a battery I was able to put these to the check-in luggage when flying. Zone Wired Earbuds don’t take much space in the computer bag either and since these are very lightweight they don’t really add weight either.

I like they pouch – it is light but still protects the buds very well. The design where you roll up the wire and put it behind the belt works quite ok.

There is a convinient instructions in the package for how to use the remote and change pieces. And of course reminder to download & install Logi Tune application to manage these. LogiTune is quite good for managing various Logitech audio & camera devices, if you have any make sure you install the app also.

The remote is nicely packed with essential controls. These are similar to wireless buds in functions for muting, answering, hanging up and music controls.

And of course the remote looks pretty Teams-purple when connected to the computer.

Using Logi Tune you can control Sidetone, mic level and equalizer. As you can see I have already set it to boost bass.

Settings don’t have much options – Voice prompts can be turned off from there.

My Experiences

As these earbuds are not too expensive (around $99 / 99€ ) it isn’t fair to expect them to function to the level of double prices headsets. In calls the audio quality was good and these are clearly made for calling use. The noise cancellation in Zone Wired and Microsoft Teams noice cancellation work very well together and remove a lot of background noise. This makes these Zone Wired very useful in a office environement. Remote helps and when I was using these with Surface Pro 7 it was great to notice that the long wire helped to keep it off my way. Using with a desktop computer was much less fun – yes it is possible but not my ideal experience. In that sense I haven’t changed my feelings towards wired headsets. The modern and future world is wireless!

What I didn’t like is that music was towards discant side. Despite bass boost option, the audio, when listening to the music, was too thin to my liking. The other thing I noticed when testing these out at a busy area – there isn’t active noise cancellation. It means that in a busy office you can easily be distracted by surrounding noises. Passive noise cancellation (plugs) help a bit but for this reason these wouldn’t be my wired headset to take to the flight or to focus work.

Microsoft audio tone was very good. The noise cancellation, like I said earlier, works very well with Microsoft Teams. I liked how rich my voice sounded, despite these don’t have a boom mic.

My verdict would be: great for calls in the office and very lightweight to take them along where you are going. USB-C connector makes it possible to use Zone Wired with modern mobile devices also.

Picture from Logitech site

Great lightweight wired earbuds for office Microsoft Teams calling scenarios.

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