Jabra Speak 750 : my experiences

Thanks to Jabra, I got a chance to test out Jabra Speak 750 recently. Speak is a lightweight speakerbuck that has quite a long history already, since some versions of Jabra speaker bucks were out and used almost 20 years ago. In some organizations when someone says they have a Jabra, they mean this kind of speakerbuck – despite the actual brand. Let’s take a look at some specs first.

  • ✅ Microsoft Teams Certified
  • ✅ Dongle and wired
  • ✅ Bluetooth 4.2
  • ✅ Full duplex
  • ✅ 360 degree microphone, that is ideal for small meeting rooms with up six people
  • ✅ Up to 11 hours of talk time
  • ✅ Can be linked with other Speak 750 to cover larger rooms

If you are interested for more tech details, please take a look at Jabra’s site.

What can be said about using Speak 750 for Teams calls? These devices just work. Audio quality is good and mic is catching up speakers very well. When considering using on of these at the home office it needs to be noted that many laptops and headsets have better mics when we talk about one speaker. If you move around in the room lot, then the situation is often different – or if you have a mic that isn’t that good. They main reason for this is that Speak 750 is aimed more towards meetings where there are multiple persons. It’s mic is catching audio all around: 360 degrees. That is why some laptops (say, Surface Pro 8 as my personal example – and various other Surface products) have a better mic when you are the only one speaking: mic array is more directed and designed for that.

But – you can use these at home as personal device as well. Just remember to check that your noise suppression in Teams is turned on, if you have other people at home.

At the bottom of Speak 750 you can find a built-in stand for placing the speaker buck on table with some direction. There is a slot for the dongle to carry with the device.

With the stand you can set Speak 750 to table to face a certain direction.

The build on these Speaks is solid and compact. I like the UI and their looks. The carrying pouch helps there as well, because it is easy to take with you when traveling. Comparing the sound I think Speak 750 beats Poly 20 on audio calls, but Poly 20 beats Jabra when listening to music. Poly does it even it’s cord tied behind it’s back. Yes – Jabra Speak 750 is not for listening to music on my use, but for calls. You can connect Speak 750 with cord, with a dongle or with Bluetooth. So you can use it with your phone as well.

What is really cool is that you can use more than one Speak 750 at the same time. Adding a second Jabra 750 in tandem means you can very easily convert a medium sized meeting room to hybrid space with these. Linking is really easy and extends the number of people whose voice will be heard much better if you have the “old fashioned” “bowling alley” table setup in your meeting room. Pack two of these to go with you (or have some reserve at the office) and it will be very flexible to add more people to the meeting when the need rises. It is quite cost-effective and agile way to add flexibility without equipping every room with fixed setup. Unless you want a camera, but then you might want to carry the new Jabra PanaCast 20 with you (or it’s larger version). I think this will be a balance where some spaces will be equipped with Microsoft Teams Rooms and/or with Surface Hubs, some with smaller huddle space devices and then there will be unofficial rooms designed for more innovation / ideation that don’t necessary have a fixed device set up – unless Surface Hub will be available. Flexibility will be the key and that is the reason I think Speak 750 has a role in hybrid world – especially when using in tandem with other Speak 750.

Carrying pouch is compact and solid as well. This completes the build quality and makes Speak 750 feel it is for business use.

I would and will use Jabra Speak 750 to make it easy to convert any space to hybrid work and meeting area. Using two of these enables you to use this flexibility in even larger spaces. Very multi-purpose and goes along with Teams really well.

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