My experiences on Jabra Elite 85t earbuds

I got a chance to try out , finally, Jabra Elite 85t earbuds. One and half-years ago I got my hands on Elite Active 75t so I see these more like the next version of those buds. I like this series because I can fit them in their case to my jean’s “coin pocket” without issues and thus they are with me almost anywhere I go. The battery lasts in this buds long enough to my use and the case will recharge them quite rapidly. I noticed I can go on quite long without having to charge the case (USB-C of course) – so far I haven’t run out of juice. Audio quality on both music and calls is good / great. Mics also try to cancel out surrounding noise and do a good job with ambient noise. What they could not filter out were train station announcements – so I don’t recommend using these on train stations (might apply to all similar locations). Looking at my article about 75t and my “buds requirements” these check out most of them.

Some tech specs:

  • ✅ Wind and noise reduction on calls with 6 mics (besides those train station announcements works good)
  • ✅ 5 hours of music + 19 hours in the case for music with ANC on (I never turn ANC off)
  • ✅ USB-C and wireless charging
  • ✅ Active Noise Cancellation
  • ✅ Semi-open design. Compared to closed 75t with “passive ANC”
  • ✅ Auto-pause and other nice & de facto usability features
  • ✅ Bluetooth 5.1

Read more technical specs and info on Jabra’s site.

First and most why I was interested about these was the ANC. I was very happy with 75t and saw these as the next step version. ANC works very nicely. I did a bit of traveling during November-December and that ANC works really well in a train when listening to the music. I also wear these when using a public transportation (bus) and ANC does a pretty good job there as well. Since these buds are semi-open in design some noise gets in more easily compared to over-the-ear headset with ANC. 75t has a software-ANC but I didn’t see much effect with that on.

Operating temperature has been listed for -5 to 45C. I have been using these during wintertime in Finland and I have had no issues. These buds are either in their case in my jean’s pocket or in ear, so they don’t get too cold anyway even when it is over -20C outside.

I didn’t notice any issues with battery life on 75t so I don’t expect these batteries suffer from charging either. I don’t expect that these have multiple years of lifetime either – at least not in my use because I am always looking for a better version and there are new, improved, buds out all the time. I’d say two-three years would be a good expected lifecycle for buds – if you don’t accidentally drop and loose them before.

Compared to previous 75t buds these new ones don’t sit in my ear as good. They are ok – even good – but I feel they are more loose and don’t “lock in” as well as the other model. Putting on and off mask & beanie/skicap makes it feel that I need to re-adjust them. I have been switching to different EarGels sizes but it is more about the structure of ear. Previous 75t fit better – this is always personal. This makes me think if I can use these during summer when bicycling. There is still time to find the “perfect fitting” before that time comes.

Overall I like these. ANC, call experience, good connectivity, battery life, ease of use and other features make these currently “my choice” when it comes to ear buds. For situations what contain more activity and have higher risk of falling I will very likely choose some other buds, like previous 75t or even my old Samsung’s. It is good that these have such a small case that I can take two buds on the go if I know there is a higher risk of dropping one accidentally.

These, as well as other Jabra headsets, almost require that you install Jabra Sound+ app to your phone to create personal settings and get updates. I found it a great way to personalize my Jabra devices to my needs and I recommend installing it – you can even run a fitting check with it to buds.

Thank you Jabra for letting me test Elite 85t!

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