Screen recording tools 2022

This is a topic that comes forward very often: how can one record a screen video and then edit it afterwards. What options there are available and how they work in the real scenarios? I did this article early 2021, so it is time to refresh it.

There are several (plenty) tools available but let me highlight a few. I am focusing mostly on tools I could be using as consultant, information worker, speaker, blogger and sharing ideas.

TLDR; I use mostly Microsoft Teams, OBS Studio and Snagit/Camtasia for my recordings, but with the Recording Studio addition to PowerPoint I am starting to use it more for presentations recordings.

Microsoft Teams

You can use Microsoft Teams to record your screen quite easily. Just go to Calendar and choose Meet Now to create a Teams meeting. Then you can share your screen in the meeting and record your show – if you have permissions to do so. I have to admit I use Teams quite often for recording demos or intro videos.

Pros: easy, built-in, included in the license, easy to use

Cons: recording quality is not full HD, a bit difficult to manage with only a single screen setup (you need to hide everything extra).


Did you knew you can also use PowerPoint to record a screen or presentation? Unlike a year ago, you have now a Recording Studio and Record-tab to create recordings. It is easy to access – right on the top-right area.

In the Recording Studio you can have your video presented, along with ability to ink to slides and change your view between Teleprompter (your eyes looking more towards the camera) or using Presenter View (the traditional view).

The Recording Studio is by far one of the easiest way to create a presentation recording out of a PowerPoint.

For more information about the Recording Studio read here.

You can also go to the Record -tab and have more options there – including screen recording.

It also has options to select an screen area but also to include microphone (or not) and cursor.

Pros: Included with PowerPoint, easy to use.

Cons: People still may not know about this option.

Future: It will be interesting to see how PowerPoint Cameo will work with Microsoft Teams and if that can be used to create presentations.


Microsoft acquired Clipchamp during late 2021. I am under impression it will be integrated with Microsoft 365 and from that integration users will be able to use it’s more advanced features. The free version is not a tool I would use due to low resolution, but with Microsoft 365 integration we should see good use for this.

In addition to screen recording there are also tools, stock videos and other content to be used. I will take more look at this once I can use it with my Microsoft 365 account. You can learn more about what’s coming via this blog post.

Microsoft Stream

Yes – you can still do a screen recording with Microsoft Stream. You just have to navigate to (classic) Stream website from Office 365 menu. In March 2022 you should be able to create a new video directly from Office 365 home menu.

Without going to too much details there is a good guide for that by Microsoft in here.

Pros: easy to use, if you have access to Microsoft Stream you can use this tool

Cons: Classic Stream is in the process of being replaced with New Stream. People may find it confusing having to use the classic one to create a recording.

OBS Studio

I have also used OBS Studio to record my screen. During 2021 I used OBS Studio a lot more than before – it is especially good when you want to create good looking recordings, record a session or need to play with scenes/stages. It is perhaps a little heavy-weight software for just screen recording but it makes a lots of sense if you want to create your custom virtual stage you record – allowing to use camera, layouts and content in a very rich way. That takes more learning but on the return you can record your videos in very high quality.

If you already use OBS Studio – or plan to start using it – it makes sense to use it in more than just streaming scenarios. If you have the computer power and you are looking for a versatile tool to create high quality recordings I’d look into OBS Studio. There are also lots of guides & videos available in the net.

Pros: free, supports complex scenarios & stages, versatile, high-quality recording, gives me a lots of flexibility

Cons: learning curve, requires computer power

Bonus: With Elgato Stream Deck it is easier to create more complex scenarios when recording with OBS Studio.

Snagit and Camtasia

TechSmith has Snagit and Camtasia tools available that can be used to record and edit screen. Snagit has less options to use but Camtasia is a fully fledged video editor & recorder. These tools are quite simple to use and there are tons of great videos & articles available for learning. These are my preferred tools these days to create short clips or demos.

Pros: great tools with lots of options, easy editing and especially easy snipping. Easy to choose to record only a specific area of the screen.

Cons: you need to buy a license to use them. Camtasia requires more computer power to run smoothly.

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a paid tool is more towards video editing than plainly screen recording. But in case you have the license you can use this also to record videos. I have bought Wondershare Filmora so I can create Teams Nation and other videos at community and work activities. Comparing to Camtasia I think Filmora is easier to create good looking video results and in video editing – especially if you get the assets subscription to have access to different captions, openings, effects, transitions and so on. Camtasia is easy to use for more professional videos (or I just get carried away easily with Filmora) that has tags, captions and effects you want to use with screen recording demo videos. Perhaps I give Filmora also a try out when creating some future demo – especially if I want to add some effects to that.

I have never actually used Wondershare Filmora to record my screen, but for this post it was fun to check out how it can do it. Looking at this dialogue I wonder why I haven’t done this – it looks to have quite a good number of options available.

Even more tools!

I haven’t tested all of them personally, but I want to highlight names I have come across now and then. There is quite a lot of tools available, in case you don’t want to use those included in Microsoft 365, OBS or Snagit/Camtasia.


There is also a cloud-based screen recording tool named Recordcast. It doesn’t require any installation and it is thus very simple to get started. Since this tool is most likely unknown it is easy to share details with screen snips.

Choosing the shared screen is easy in Chrome.

The recording limit is 30 minutes.

If you choose to download the file you get it in .webm format. That may be good for the future but currently it is not supported with all video editing tools.

If you hit the Edit and Export in MP4 the in-browser editor opens.

However before you can save the video you need to Sign up for the Recordcast. After that you can export your video out in MP4-format.

Pros: free to get started, no download required, 30 minute limit, lightweight

Cons: limited functionalities but you can do basic editing with the tool. Can not save mp4 version of the recording without signing in to the tool.

Xbox Game Bar
It comes pre-installed in Windows 10! Use Win+G to activate it. Win + Alt + R starts the recording of selected application directly.
Learn more about Xbox Game Bar from here or check out Capture section directly from here.

Logitech Capture
If you have a Logitech webcam you can use this tool as an easy recording studio, even supporting multiple sources and adding some text and effects. This is a simple and light-weight tool but if you have a Logitech webcam and you are looking for a free tool: definitely try this one out.

FlexClip is an interesting tool for recording since it comes with quite a lots of templates and effects you can use to make video more interesting. There is a limited free version (480p downloads only, max 1 minute videos and other limits) and paid versions. FlexClip has big number of royalty free resources that can be used in their videos. Free version is listed to support only one stock video per project. There are quite a good number of features available in this tool

VMaker Screen Recorder
Lite version is free and looks on specs worth a try. Noise cancellation is included already on the free version. Paid versions have also some editing / framing options.

Veed.Io Screen Recorder
Free version is limited to short and small (max 10 minutes/50MB) videos. Paid versions have more options.

Vimeo Screen Recorder
Vimeo offers a Screen Recorder as a Chrome add-on, but in order to to utilize Vimeo more you will need a paid subscription. Chrome add-on can record up to 2 hours.

Screencast-o-matic Recorder
This tool has free and paid versions. Naturally subscriptions have more features available.

Mentioned as a great tool, used for years.
Paid software, not a free one. Seems to have lots of good options available.

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