Looking back at 2021 and forward for 2022

It is the end of the year, which means it is time to take a look at what I have been doing during all this crazy 2021. First of all:

Big Thank You to everyone reading, following, referring, tweeting, linking or enjoying this blog and / or attending any session or event where I have been speaking, organizing or involved with!

You all mean big time for, because the fun and rewarding part of writing a blog is to have people who visit it. And checking stats it looks like I have been helping people to get along in Microsoft Teams Meetings and Microsoft Whiteboard the most! #SharingIsCaring

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Overall, it looks like this blog post is the 100th post for year 2021.I had quite a heavy start during H1/2021 but after that I started to cool down for about one post a week. Which I mostly were able to hold into. I also changed my blog from MyTeamsDay.com to MyMetaverseDay.com transitioning towards Metaverse.

During 2021 there was a huge number of people I have been working with in the work and in the community. You all rock! Most of everyone I need to shout out for the Teams Nation and Teams Community Finland crew and friends Chris Hoard, Adam Deltinger, Chris Webb, Matti Paukkonen, Paul Dredge, Karoliina Kettukari and Hilla Mäntyomena!
There are so many people like Laurie, Allie, Pouneh, Patrick, Edyta, Raphael, Tomasz, Tomislav and everyone else out there – you all matter big time! Thank you for everything during 2021!

Via the community I got amazing opportunities to speak in both work and community related events. Looking at my history, I counted 53 public speaking occasions for 2021. This includes both community and company speaking’s like events and webinars.

Being the organizer in both Teams Nation and Teams Community Finland does add up as quite an activity for me. H1/2021 was quite a busy one for me in speaking but I also cooled down the autumn for better life-work-community -balance. It looks to me this trend of better life-work-community balance will continue.

On my life goals I managed to

  • Spend more some down-time with games. Playing through Cyberpunk 2077 and Last of Us II marked two highlights from gaming. Of course Cyberpunk 2077 took a long time for me to finish, because I really enjoyed the world there.
  • During autumn I started to sleep more than I did during early year
  • Have more family time than before

What I did not manage, was to loose weight. Instead I traveled to the opposite direction and I am even further away from my goals there. But I do start with sleeping more for now.

Looking at 2022

The 2022 will be interesting and amazing. I am going to be writing more about the Metaverse and Microsoft Mesh than I thought earlier. Looking towards I think I will be writing around 40-50 posts. Going forward with the Metaverse opens more possibilities to focus on the Future / Hybrid Work and how we do business, work and collaboration in the Metaverse. I predict Digital Twins, Loop, Context IQ and of course Microsoft Teams will be big in my blog, but I can’t count out occasional Azure, Power Platform or even Varjo or Meta topics either.

I will keep on speaking on public and also do webinars. Probably less than 2021, I will be aiming at 25, which should be a good goal. There are already events in my calendar for January and February 2022 like M365 Chicago, Modern Work Conference Paris, Microsoft Teams Summit, Teams Community Day and , of course, Teams Nation Community Conference 2022 in March!

Teams Nation Community Conference 2022 on March 23rd will rock. If you have not registered to it yet, please do it now. We will provide an amazing lineup of speakers and content and I have to say I am proud and happy to be in the organizing crew. While the event and rooms will be running on Microsoft Teams we will also add some AltSpace VR there.

Have a great holidays and let’s rock on 2022!

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