How to use Power Automate to send custom notifications to Microsoft Teams feed

Power Automate has gotten new Microsoft Teams actions again. This time it is the ability to send a message to someone with a custom text and link it to the message in either a team or a group chat. Let’s take a look at how to send a notification to the user:

You need to add a Post a feed notification action.

Then you will define is it the Flow bot or Power Virtual Agent sending the notification. Despite selecting the Power Virtual Agent it doesn’t let you choose a bot at this time and acts as a Flow bot. But I think that this one is so new that it hasn’t gotten all goodies yet.

You can choose to link to a team (channel) message or to a group chat message.

You can customize this action to run in your process – custom values can be used for recipient, text, team, channel and message.

In this test case I just used selected values.

Testing the flow – running successfully on the first run.

And we see the notification appear to our Teams Notification Feed. Clicking the notification takes us to the right team and channel, where the linked message flashes highlighted.

What about Group chat notification?

Instead of a team and channel you choose group chat what you want to use. You can use custom value.

This means that you can use these notifications in your processes in a very versatile way – and make life easier for users with these notifications that point directly to the right message.

Power Automate brings easy and efficient ways to engage people using Microsoft Teams into business processes.

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