How to follow up Teams Webinar attendees with Dynamics 365 Marketing

If you have Dynamics 365 for Marketing in place you can start already taking advantage of Webinar-Event integration that is available for Microsoft Teams. If you don’t – but you do have 300+ licenses in Office/Microsoft E3/E5 you can sign up for a 6 month trial to try it out (until end of year 2021) – just read on this article to learn how. The rest of us – we can sign up with a 30 day trial for Dynamics 365 Marketing to be able to test these.

What I did in my demo environment, I signed up for 30 days Dynamics 365 Marketing trial, because I didn’t have 300+ licenses in my disposal. At the end of this blog post there is a chapter how to sign up to that 6 month trial if you meet trial criteria.

1. Create and host a Teams Webinar

To create follow-up activities after the webinar you will have to

The Attendance view before the webinar

Connect webinar with Dynamics 365 to Follow Up with participants

After the webinar we can see information who participated (and how long) but the real key here is the Follow up with participants button just below Join/Close buttons.

Note: in current version the Follow up with participants -button is situated on the left. Functionality is the same, only the location has been updated.

When you click the button you select your Dynamics 365 Marketing environment you use. I just went with defaults with my trial.

So I just hit Get Started and Dynamics will create me Journeys automatically with marketing segments and email templates.

It takes a few minutes

And then you are greeted with this view where you can start to create your Follow Up emails.

There are automatic segments and swimlanes for

  • Registrants who did not attend
  • Registrants who attended
  • Registrants who cancelled

These swimlanes makes it possible for you to customize activities and emails with each segment with logic, actions and activities.

Looking inside segments (who attended the webinar , for example) we can see correctly my demo account there. Note: if you have unregistered attendees in the webinar they are not listed here.

And if the email is clicked open, there are plenty of options how to customize it.

To learn how to create and manage Dynamics Customer Journeys check out Docs.

Managing Teams webinar / event in Dynamics 365 Marketing

It is also possible to start creating your webinar or event in Dynamics 365 Marketing. That way you manage the whole registration and marketing process at Dynamics Events. When you create a new event you can choose to stream it online.

Once you have turned on the switch you can choose what kind of Teams event you create. Webinars and Live Events created this way are always public, not internal.

You can also change meeting options. When you create a webinar this way, Dynamics manages most of Teams settings and you should not go there to make too many changes by yourself since changes done in Dynamics overwrite them.

Once you hit Save, it will create the Teams meeting and add URLs you can share.

While you can do changes to Teams meeting, you should not do them because Dynamics 365 Marketing will overwrite many of them. Note: it doesn’t create a Teams webinar registration form since the registration & form are managed by Dynamics. All settings, including presenters etc, needs to be done via Dynamics.

Of course Dynamics 365 + Teams integration doesn’t end here. There will be much more when Dynamics 2021 Wave 2 release is deployed / rolled out to tenant: Meeting application and ability to view and edit D365 records from Teams – and Teams user doesn’t need to have a Dynamics license for that!

Sign up for free 6-month Dynamics 365 Marketing trial

How to sign up for a free 6-month Dynamics 365 Marketing trial.
This trial offer is valid until end of the year 2021.
Pre-requirements & steps

  • 300 licenses in Office E3/E5 or Microsoft E3/5. Learn more about the offer here.
  • No Dynamics 365 Marketing in use yet (if you have, you wouldn’t need a trial..)
  • Host a webinar in Teams with at least one attendee
  • Open Teams webinar Attendance tab view
  • Click Follow up with participants (this button doesn’t appear until after webinar)
  • Follow the instructions how to sign up for the trial
Screenshot of the Get started button

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