Interested what’s the latest in Microsoft Teams? Attend my Spotlight-webinars to see live demos!

I am doing my Sulava Microsoft Teams Spotlight webinars again next week. These webinars are free to attend; registration is needed. I do one in English and one in Finnish. I do my best to make these webinars worth your time: by providing information & news and benefits on what’s latest in Microsoft Teams and always have plenty of live demos so you see in practice how they work. On top I also explore a bit what is coming to Teams (=what’s on the roadmap). I like to think these webinars as “Stay up to date and see what’s happening with Teams in a one 90 minute nutshell“.

To make it clear: Sulava is my employer and these webinars are part of the marketing we do. Because everyone is welcome and free to join our public webinars I wanted to give a shout of them to you – my blog readers.

Next Spotlights are

Yes, you read right earlier. Spotlights take about 90 minutes. Sometimes I have even exceeded that time. There are usually a lot of share information about and I love doing demos to show the benefits and how you can use those features. Despite the length Spotlight is not a training: I advance in fast pace – it is ideal for those who want to see what is possible now and what you can do with Teams. If you are a beginner you will learn something for sure especially on meetings and collaboration but some parts can be too quick to follow: concentrate on those end user parts that help your daily work. If you are an expert / IT Pro / CIO / MARCOM then you get a good overview what is coming up and may also pick up something you need to prep your organization for. I don’t dive deep into IT Pro side though – this is about how to use Teams better in organizations and also for users to help them to use Teams. HR team should also be interested about Teams and this webinar since Microsoft Viva brings people to focus and thus there are items in the agenda about wellbeing (using Microsoft Viva Insights ) and continuous learning (Microsoft Viva Learning).

Of course what is fun doing these webinars is that people are live. There are often questions and I do my best answering them. Besides a bit of marketing (I promise: not too much! ) and longer length Spotlights are like sessions I do in the community.

Next week I have on agenda the following. I am notorious for updating my list of demos to include the latest stuff even just before the webinar.

  • Microsoft Teams meetings, events and webinars. And yes – this webinar uses Teams. Of course!
    • There are new things to show with Breakout Rooms, Whiteboard, applications and so on
  • Microsoft Teams 2.0. – the new upcoming Teams client integrated with Windows 11.
    • Big spoiler: this is about Teams personal for now.
  • Microsoft Viva & Teams. From personal wellbeing to the work community and to knowledge.
  • Various other features and capabilities that are there to help people collaborate and work better.

Hope to meet you online at Spotlight!

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