I am hosting Teams Spotlight Webinar tomorrow: Tuesday 18th at 9am CEST

Hello my dear readers! I am presenting my Microsoft Teams what’s new & upcoming webinar tomorrow. In this webinar I go through latest Microsoft Teams features and information and there are plenty of live demos in it. Since this is a Sulava (my employer) webinar I have also a few company slides in it and content is in Sulava’s theme, but those marketing slides are only a fraction of the two hours time I have available this time.

The reason I buff about this company webinar in my personal blog is that The Teams Spotlight webinar is free of cost to attend. Registration is required to get access.

I have loads of content that I will go through tomorrow starting with new webinars (& Teams meetings) and how you can do Virtual Events with Teams (you could say I have some experience about using Teams for Events), Shared Channels latest updates and of course I won’t miss Microsoft Viva in practice demos there. For more business side I have included content about using Teams for processes / workflows with Approval applications and eSigning. Hybrid worklife is the future we already live in so naturally I just had to put some content there about it as well. This two hours is packed with content.

It will be a fast paced two hours, so grab some coffee/tea, register in and enjoy the learning ride!

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