How to present from PowerPoint desktop directly to Microsoft Teams meeting

You can easily present your PowerPoint directly to Teams meeting using PowerPoint Desktop. This makes it very easy to project your presentation directly to Team meeting that is open. This is most of all about usability and an another skill in PowerPoint Live’s big hat.

  • You need to have a meeting open in Microsoft Teams Desktop version
  • You use PowerPoint desktop version and it is signed in with the same account as Teams Desktop.
  • Presentation is saved to OneDrive for Business or is in team files (= in SharePoint document library)
  • Office 365 E3/A3, Office 365 E5/A5, or Microsoft 365 for Government license. 
  • To get this working I had Power Point in Office insider-beta channel and Teams in Public Preview
    • Insiders running Beta Channel Version 2104 (Build 13926.20000) and later

You can see Present in Teams on the top-right corner of PowerPoint desktop application when you have a presentation open.

Before you click that one, make sure you have a Teams meeting open. You will get a notification in Teams meeting.

And when you click Present you get your presentation shared into the Teams meeting you are in! It is that easy!
The experience in sharing is PowerPoint Live = the same as you would have a shared a presentation from your teams/OneDrive or uploaded your presentation there. On default you end up with a Presenter View.

If you don’t have a Teams meeting open in Desktop Teams you get a message

Learn more from the announcement here.

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