Shared Channels (Microsoft Teams Connect) : rescheduled for November 2021

When looking at the Microsoft Teams roadmap some surprises are good – some quite the opposite.

What are Shared Channels?
This new feature will make it possible to work with other people in a channel by invited an internal or external (in other organizations) members to a Shared Channel. The really big thing is that externals don’t have to switch tenants or to be added with a guest account! This feature is being released under name Microsoft Teams Connect.

It will make collaboration with customers, partners, vendors or in community easier than before – especially on those cases when you need only one channel with chat and files. It can be said that Shared Channels will revolutionize collaboration between organizations.

Tämän kuvan alt-attribuutti on tyhjä; Tiedoston nimi on image-12.png

When Shared Channels was announced at Microsoft Ignite Spring 2021 it was stated to come out in summer 2021. This is no longer the case – roadmap has been recently updated to November 2021.

3 thoughts on “Shared Channels (Microsoft Teams Connect) : rescheduled for November 2021

  1. when will Teams upgrade their video platform to include invites and registration. I read it was early April – we are now in late April


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