Microsoft Teams: recent updates

It is time to take a look at the roadmap and what has been recently added to Microsoft Teams. When talking about the roadmap “predicted release” schedule it is good to keep in mind that the given month/time is subject to change. We have seen lots of changes recently (Feb-March) but as always: I rather take a working functionality later than a buggy version too early.

Whiteboard: External access in Teams meetings has been postponed to September 2021.

Co-organizer Meeting Role has been postponed to September 2021. This will probably affect additional Breakout Rooms facilitators as well. “Organizers will now be able to share control by assigning the new “Co-organizer” role to people they invite. Co-organizers will have almost all of the capabilities of the organizer, including management of Meeting Options.”

Live Transcription with speaker attribution has been launched.
“Live transcripts provide another way to follow along with what has been said and who said it. After a meeting, the transcript file is automatically saved in the chat tab for that meeting.”

25 person teams has also launched. “Support for up to 25,000 members per individual team.”

Windows native notifications in Teams has been in public preview but is now rolling out! You should see it in your tenants soon.

1000 person interactive meetings and Teams webinars are still being scheduled to April (-early May).
“Schedule and deliver 1,000 person webinars with the same Teams app you use for meetings! Webinar capabilities support registration page creation, email confirmation for registrants, host management for attendee video and audio, attendee reporting, plus interactive features like polls, chat and reactions.”

New manage tag experience and other enhancements is scheduled to April. This is a new addition to the list. Tags will be managed as a tab is a big change that will hopefully surface this great feature more to people.
“Tags in Teams let users quickly reach a group of people without having to @mention or type out everyone. Tags now can be managed as a Tab and you can receive notification for tag membership changes or search for tags in Teams. Tags will also now have a description field so that you can add more details to a tag.”

New PowerPoint Live Presentation option with desktop and window sharing can be expected in Mid-April – Mid-May. This has been called earlier Presenter Mode. When making a Live Presentation, presenters will soon be able to add a video feed to the presentation. This feature is available for presenters using the Microsoft Teams desktop app for both Windows and Mac.”
“When using the Teams Desktop app, the presenter will have a new option, Standout mode. When a presenter selects Standout mode, participants will see the presenter’s video feed superimposed onto the foreground of the content being shared. This mode appears to meeting participants who are using the Teams desktop or mobile app as well as Teams on the web. “

End user screen

Before launch

This picture implies that Presenter Mode will work with Presenter View.. err sorry. PowerPoint Live.

After launch

Roaming bandwidth control is scheduled for May. This is also a new addition that also will be useful once traveling resumes. Or when some sites have a lower bandwidth available.
“Roaming bandwidth control is a new capability that allows admins to set dynamic bandwidth policies which are based upon the geographic location of users’ Teams clients. This allows admins to set more limited bandwidth controls for when users travel to remote or bandwidth constrained locations, and then relax limitations when they travel to a location with higher bandwidth capacity.  Initially two settings from the Teams Meeting Policy will be included – AllowIPVideo, andMediaBitRateKb.”

Separate Window Teams Live Events Producer Experience can be expected at May!
“With this new feature, you are now able to produce your Teams Live Events as a Producer in a separate window, allowing you to effectively manage your event.”

Current and new experience

Allowing anonymous presenters in Live Events is coming in May. ” Your meeting organizers will now be able to schedule an anonymous presenter for a Teams live event when using the Teams desktop app. Meeting organizers will indicate when scheduling the live event that they expect an anonymous presenter. This must be managed when scheduling the meeting. The anonymous presenter must also use the Teams desktop app.”. This doesn’t include support for PSTN (dial-in) users.

Meeting setup

Joining a meeting with digital meeting ID is scheduled for May. “All meetings will have a Meeting ID that is automatically assigned to a Microsoft Teams user and added to the meeting invite under the meeting link. Meeting attendees can join the meeting by entering the Meeting ID. For all meeting attendees, the pre-join, lobby and security will remain the same.”.

Join a meeting by code in Outlook
Join a meeting by code on Teams desktop
Join a meeting by code on mobile

A couple of Forms polls features will be rolling during May:
Word Cloud for Polls in Teams: “When users have collected responses for an open text poll / question in a Teams meeting or in a regular form, word cloud data insight will be available to help them get a quick view on the top text phrases people answered.”
Data reports for polls after Teams meeting: “If user has used Forms poll in a Teams meeting, a summary report for all the polls used in this meeting will be generated and shared with meeting organizer and presenters.”

And then there is something I don’t agree with at all: Teams for your personal life banners. Teams will be starting “to inform users about the new productivity features and the ability to sign in with different accounts, we will show a banner in the activity feed for Teams mobile app users.”. When you are logged into Microsoft Teams with a business / enterprise account Teams should not start suggesting users to login with a personal account as well. This will confuse users. It is best for admins to submit a support ticket and request this feature to be turned off “To manage the visibility of the banners to your users, you can submit a help ticket in the Microsoft 365 admin center and your tenant will be excluded from the banners.”

3 thoughts on “Microsoft Teams: recent updates

  1. Hi Vesa, Live transcription is a great feature but unfortunately you have to speak English. Do you know if other languages will be supported very soon ?


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