How to set Out of Office in Microsoft Teams

Setting your Out of Office in Microsoft Teams has become available, if you are in Public Preview. Take a look in this article and learn how you can set your Out of Office without having to open Outlook.

First – you need to make sure you are in Public Preview (situation in 25.3.2021). If you don’t see an option to enable Public Preview then you need to talk with your Teams Admin or responsible person and ask it to be enabled for you.

Setting Out of Office

Open Settings-menu to get into this view. You have to scroll down somewhat to be able to see the Out of Office option:

Once you hit Schedule you can can enable Out of Office (Turn on automatic replies) and start typing your message to others.

Once you have entered your text you can check boxes on Sending replies both options. You can customize message to external senders.

Once you have set everything you are done and you can enjoy automatic Out of Office!

Out of Office will appear in Microsoft Teams when people try to reach you out – but it will be also set to Outlook!

And when you come back to the main Settings-screen you can see it states the Out of Office has been scheduled.

4 thoughts on “How to set Out of Office in Microsoft Teams

  1. Hi, Vesa
    Thank you for sharing all very useful information and experience with us.
    I am just now wondering, what is difference if and when user set an ‘Out of Office’
    reply on Microsoft Office 365 Outlook versus Microsoft Teams?

    Can Teams side ‘Out of Office’ message be different than Outlook side ‘Out of Office’ message?


    1. They set the same thing, so Teams Out of Office doesn’t have a different message. You can of course use in Teams the Teams custom status message that will be visible for Teams users.


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