Microsoft Teams Roadmap Watch: updates of Microsoft Ignite 2021

It is always good to take a look at the Microsoft Teams roadmap and see what is changing there since Microsoft Ignite 2021 #MSIgnite. Of course roadmap dates are not exact launch dates but they can give some idea when to expect those features.

Shared Channels (Microsoft Teams Connect) is scheduled for June 2021! And lots of other announcements there seems to be targeted between now(March) until end of June!

To have more insight about these roadmap items read my Summary of Microsoft Teams new from Ignite 2021 post.

I have bolded new items – it seems Microsoft Ignite 2021 Teams announcements are there!

70754Microsoft Teams: View switcherDesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021March CY2021
70755Microsoft Teams: New Search experience in mobile appMobileWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021April CY2021
70756Microsoft Teams: Mobile app visual updateMobileWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021April CY2021
70757Microsoft Teams: Organize chats in mobile appMobileWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021April CY2021
70758Microsoft Teams: Emoji library and GIFs in mobile appMobileWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021April CY2021
70759Microsoft Teams: Operator ConnectDesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021April CY2021
70760Microsoft Teams: Operator Connect ConferencingDesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021April CY2021
70761Microsoft Teams: Cortana and Bing skills on Teams displayDesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021March CY2021
70762Microsoft Teams: Intelligent speaker for Microsoft Teams RoomsDesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021April CY2021
70763Microsoft Teams: Intelligent detection and remediation for Microsoft Teams RoomsDesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021April CY2021
70764Microsoft Teams: Personalized room planning for Microsoft Teams RoomsDesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021April CY2021
70765Microsoft Teams: Threat detection & Security update management for Microsoft Teams RoomsDesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021April CY2021
70766Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams ConnectDesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021June CY2021
70767Microsoft Teams: Teams and Dynamics 365 business process experienceDesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021April CY2021
70768Microsoft Teams: Approval templatesDesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021April CY2021
70769Microsoft Teams: App customization and brandingDesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021March CY2021
70770Microsoft Teams: Interoperability with Azure Communication ServicesDesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021May CY2021
70771Microsoft Teams: Automation templates in Teams app storeDesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021March CY2021
70772Microsoft Teams: Updates to Dataverse for Teams limits and upgradesDesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021March CY2021
70773Microsoft Teams: Teams user usage report in Teams clientDesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021April CY2021
70774Microsoft Teams: Anonymous user usage reportsDesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021April CY2021
70775Microsoft Teams: App risk evaluationDesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021April CY2021
70776Microsoft Teams: Custom policy packagesDesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021April CY2021
70777Microsoft Teams: Real-time telemetry for meetingsDesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021April CY2021
70778Microsoft Teams: Scheduled access reviews for Guest usersDesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021March CY2021
70779Microsoft Teams: Teams Connect in Teams Admin CenterWeb, DesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021June CY2021
70780Microsoft Teams: End-to-end encryption option for Teams 1:1 VoIP CallsDesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021May CY2021
70781Microsoft Teams: Safe Links for TeamsDesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021April CY2021
70782Microsoft Teams: Co-author in encrypted docs using Office AppsDesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021March CY2021
70783Microsoft Teams: Teams Multi-Geo SupportDesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021April CY2021
70784Microsoft Teams: Task publishing checklistDesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021March CY2021
70785Microsoft Teams: Task publishing editingDesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021March CY2021
70786Microsoft Teams: Low data modeDesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021March CY2021
70787Microsoft Teams: Attachments to approvalsDesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021April CY2021
70788Microsoft Teams: Markdown support in approvalsDesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)3.3.2021April CY2021
63226Microsoft Teams: Android On-Demand Chat TranslationAndroidWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021March CY2021
64687Microsoft Teams:  Queue sent messages when offlineWeb, Desktop, MacWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021March CY2021
77796Microsoft Teams: Simplified way to manage your channel notification settings for GCCDesktopGCC2.3.2021March CY2021
65638Microsoft Teams: Simplified Global Notification Settings for GCCWeb, Mobile, Windows 10, Android, Mac, iOSGCC2.3.2021March CY2021
65943Microsoft Teams: Dynamic viewDesktopGCC, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021March CY2021
65947Microsoft Teams: PowerPoint Live Presentations to TeamsDesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021March CY2021
65952Microsoft Teams: 20,000 attendee view-only broadcastWeb, DesktopGCC, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021March CY2021
65960Microsoft Teams: Room Remote for Microsoft Teams Rooms on WindowsDesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021March CY2021
65965Microsoft Teams: Meeting room capacity notifications for Microsoft Teams RoomDesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021March CY2021
65967Microsoft Teams: Live Transcription with speaker attributionDesktopGCC, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021March CY2021
66021Outlook for Windows:  Every meeting onlineDesktop, EducationWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021March CY2021
66742Microsoft Teams: Windows native notifications in TeamsGCC, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), GCC High, DoD2.3.2021March CY2021
66743Microsoft Teams: MacOS native notifications in TeamsGCC, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), GCC High, DoD2.3.2021March CY2021
66763Whiteboard: Migrating previously created boardsWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021March CY2021
66867Microsoft Teams: Reporting and scheduling APIs for meetings (Preview)Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021March CY2021
66921Microsoft Teams: Updated meeting creation and expiration policiesGCC, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021March CY2021
66350Microsoft Teams: 1080p Resolution – Outgoing Video on collaboration barWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021April CY2021
66352Microsoft Teams: Center of room meeting console support for Microsoft Teams Rooms on AndroidWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021March CY2021
66358Microsoft Teams: Personal mode for Microsoft Teams Rooms on AndroidWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021March CY2021
66459Microsoft Teams: Updated functionality for downloading participant reports in Teams meetingsEducationWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021March CY2021
66585Microsoft Teams: Attendee DashboardWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021April CY2021
68692Microsoft Teams: Include up to 10,000 users in an org-wide teamWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021March CY2021
68693Microsoft Teams: Restricting Windows and Mac managed device sign-In to specific tenantsGCC, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021March CY2021
68701Microsoft Teams: Out of OfficeWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021March CY2021
68731Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Graph API for Teams Export (Preview)Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021March CY2021
68732Microsoft Teams: Customer Key support (Preview)Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021March CY2021
68739Microsoft Teams: Teams casting for Microsoft Teams Rooms on WindowsWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021March CY2021
68743Microsoft Teams: Teams casting for Microsoft Teams Rooms on AndroidWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021March CY2021
68751Microsoft Teams: Power Appp in Teams usage analytics  in Teams Admin CenterWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021March CY2021
68753Microsoft Teams: New Power Automate entry points in-TeamsWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021March CY2021
68754Microsoft Teams: Manage Teams displays in Team Admin CenterWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021March CY2021
68755Microsoft Teams: Device management automatic alerting in Teams Admin CenterWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021March CY2021
68760Microsoft Teams: Large event reporting and analytics improvements in Teams Admin CenterWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021March CY2021
68761Microsoft Teams: Meeting recording improvementsWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021March CY2021
68847Microsoft Teams: Together mode for GCC-HighGCC High2.3.2021March CY2021
68853Microsoft Teams: Update to meeting participant’s access to meeting chatWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021April CY2021
68861Microsoft Teams: Improvements to the “Create a Microsoft Team from SharePoint” experienceWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021March CY2021
68935Microsoft Teams: Recording 3×3 gallery view for Microsoft Teams RoomsWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021March CY2021
68937Microsoft Teams: Set Presence Status duration for Government cloudsGCC, GCC High, DoD2.3.2021March CY2021
68939Microsoft Teams: New Offline Presence Status for Government cloudsGCC, GCC High, DoD2.3.2021March CY2021
70558OneDrive: 250 GB file size support in Microsoft 365WebWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021March CY2021
70566Microsoft Information Protection: Changes in display of hierarchical sensitivity labels for Microsoft TeamsWeb, DesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021March CY2021
70582Microsoft 365 compliance center: Information governance – Retention policies for Microsoft Teams private channelsWebWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021April CY2021
70602Microsoft Teams: Get a “Meet Now” Meeting linkWeb, DesktopGCC, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021March CY2021
70677Microsoft Teams: Enhancement to app usage report  –  support for Line of Business appsWeb, Desktop2.3.2021March CY2021
70701Microsoft Teams: Manage team templates with template policiesWeb, DesktopWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021March CY2021
79498Microsoft Teams: Data reports for polls after Teams meetingWeb, Desktop, MobileWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021April CY2021
79499Microsoft Teams: Data reports after Teams meeting classWeb, Desktop, MobileWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)2.3.2021April CY2021
80456Planner: More labels for GCC-High and DoDWeb, Desktop, MobileGCC, GCC High, DoD2.3.2021March CY2021

5 thoughts on “Microsoft Teams Roadmap Watch: updates of Microsoft Ignite 2021

  1. Can’t wait for the private on-prem local server version for Teams… oh wait, it’s not even on the roadmap yet 😦


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