Power Fx – a low code programming language for Power Platform

Striking news at Microsoft Ignite 2021 Spring – announcement about Power Fx, which is going to be the low code programming language for Power Platform. When a lots of enterprise application development is already in the low-code category it is clear to see why Microsoft is investing in this area. It is very much needed and is changing the world every day.

Power Fx – A unified formula language for logic customizations for the Power Platform

Power Fx is not Excel in Power Platform shoes even when some design principles share the similarities with Excel formulas – they are not connected. Excel formula language is followed closely (structure, data types, operators and functions) so it is familiar and easy to learn to those power users using Excel more and thus making the transition to Power Platform easy for them – say instead of updating a single Excel file they create an app for that.. The other key principle taken from Excel-world to Power Fx is that formulas automatically re-calculate when the dependency changes. Just like Excel formulas.

Key things

  • Open-source language that will be available for everyone to use and implement
  • Leverage the knowledge of Excel users -> easy to start creating business applications to Power Platform
  • Mix and match simplicity via formulas with code
  • Recalculates automatically when dependency changes –> don’t have to worry about polling for changes. Just like in Excel spreadsheet.
  • Begins with Power Apps but will be integrated across the Power Platform (Power Virtual Agents, Power Automate, Power BI)
Power Fx Formula: Fill = RGBA( RedSlider.Value, GreenSlider.Value, BlueSLider.Value, 100% )


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