How to use Microsoft Whiteboard with guests in Teams Meetings

In January became available to add a Whiteboard a team channel. It was also discovered that it allowed also guests to use the Microsoft Whiteboard in the channel via the tab app. This of course opened new possibilities for collaboration with guests. My friend & colleague Petri Jämsen kindly pointed out this week the scenario I hadn’t tried before: that you can use Microsoft Whiteboard with guests in channel Teams Meetings so that called for a blog post!

1. Schedule a Channel Meeting normally

First you schedule a channel meeting normally via top-right corner of the channel or using the Channel Meeting tab application.

2. Share the Whiteboard to the meeting

Open the sharing dialogue and choose to share the Whiteboard to the meeting.

3. Guest joins the meeting

Make sure that guests do the tenant switch to your tenant before they join. Otherwise they are considered externals.

4. Test it out by adding content

This step wouldn’t be necessary but it gives the idea for readers how both parties can add content. Note that there is a person (organizer) from the home organization and also the guest are present.

5. Guest edits the Whiteboard

Now ask guests to edit the content. Not the participants and the top-right corner that this person is the guest in this tenant.

6. See the results in the organizer’s view

Just to see the edits: all participants see the same result

Yes – it works as expected! Happy collaborating with guests!

Using Whiteboard in Teams Meetings with externals who are not guests

We can enjoy this soon: it is on the roadmap – scheduled to be released March 2021!

Whiteboard with guests in a team channel

Read my earlier blog post about adding a Whiteboard tab to a channel.

Here are couple of screenshots of that in action with guests.

Home organization user

Guests in the team / organization can also edit the Whiteboard in the team channel tab.

7 thoughts on “How to use Microsoft Whiteboard with guests in Teams Meetings

    1. They need to be added as guests to a team in your tenant.

      Sharing Whiteboard with externals is still in the works by Microsoft. It is scheduled for this month currently: November 2021.
      If you are not in a hurry I recommend to see if that schedule holds because it will make sharing easy and part of the work flow.


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