How to: adding a Microsoft Whiteboard to a team channel as a tab

Microsoft Whiteboard is a great tool in the Microsoft 365 belt: allowing innovative & visual planning while keeping the data inside the tenant. And of course one big benefit is that it is included with the license. There is still room for improvement with Microsoft Whiteboard but one of the roadmap items just completed: adding a Whiteboard to Microsoft Teams’ team channel!

If you have access to the Whiteboard you can start just like you would add any other application to the team channel. With hitting the +.

After that you just search for the Whiteboard and add it!

You can give your Whiteboard a name – the name will also be the tab’s name.

And there it is! Just like the Whiteboard in a Microsoft Teams meeting!

It is good to note that this feature is always creating a new Whiteboard.

And if you navigate to the Whiteboard application you can find it in there as well (since you created the Whiteboard).

How about other members in the team?

If you are a member of a team that has the Whiteboard added then you can navigate to the team channel and open the whiteboard to get the access to it.

After you have accessed the Whiteboard inside a team it will be added to your Whiteboard app as well!

Note: the one who created (added) the Whiteboard to the team channel will be it’s owner.

Also worth noting is that Guest members in the team can access the Whiteboard in the tab. They can do so only via the team – opening the Whiteboard to the web app results in error.

You may want to also read my earlier article about using Microsoft Whiteboard in Microsoft Teams teams.

13 thoughts on “How to: adding a Microsoft Whiteboard to a team channel as a tab

    1. Good question! I had to test this one and I found out it was possible to use Graph API to add a existing Whiteboard to a channel as a tab!

      “displayName”: “Whiteboard via Graph API”,
      “teamsApp@odata.bind”: “”,
      “configuration”: {
      “entityId”: “”,
      “contentUrl”: “[yourwhiteboardid]?embed=1&isOpenInTab=1”,
      “removeUrl”: null,
      “websiteUrl”: “[yourwhiteboardid]”
      You can get the whiteboard id from URL when you open the whiteboard in web version.

      As for adding a new whiteboard: I don’t know if that API is available. I haven’t seen one yet.


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