Teams Roadmap Watch – mid January 2021

Here are some latest updates to Teams Roadmap. As usual – refer to the source for the up to date situation.

One big change is the Meeting attendee registration (=webinar support) that moved from January to March 2021.

66586Microsoft Teams: Meeting attendee registration22.9.202015.1.2021March CY2021
70558OneDrive: 250 GB file size support in Microsoft 36513.1.202115.1.2021February CY2021
70573Microsoft Teams: Large gallery view and Together Mode for web meetings in Edge and Chrome browsers15.1.202115.1.2021February CY2021
70674Microsoft Teams: Simple Periodic review for guest users14.1.202114.1.2021March CY2021
70675Microsoft Teams: Zero Touch provisioning for Teams devices14.1.202114.1.2021March CY2021
70676Microsoft Teams: Role based Access scoping on devices category14.1.202114.1.2021February CY2021
70677Microsoft Teams: Enhancement to app usage report  –  support for Line of Business apps14.1.202114.1.2021February CY2021
68846Microsoft Teams: Live Event Presenter for iPad29.10.202013.1.2021February CY2021
68835Microsoft Teams: Updated layouts for meetings on Android22.10.202011.1.2021March CY2021
68838Microsoft Teams: Meet Now from Outlook23.10.202011.1.2021January CY2021
68880Microsoft Teams: Give feedback improvements19.11.202011.1.2021February CY2021
70563Microsoft Teams: Top hits in Search Autosuggest11.1.202111.1.2021March CY2021
70564Microsoft Teams: Teams casting from iOS Teams App11.1.202111.1.2021May CY2021
70565Microsoft Teams: Teams casting from Android Teams App11.1.202111.1.2021May CY2021

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