Roadmap Watch: what to expect for Microsoft Teams in January 2021?

Year 2021 is here. Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft/Office 365 is getting a big number of updates. Just looking what is scheduled for January 2021 that is a big list of interesting capabilities!

Some highlights from the list.

  • Share System Audio on Mac is showing as cancelled because there were a duplicate item. (thank you Marjolein for noticing this!)
  • Prompting for meeting options when a large meeting is scheduled in Outlook (Windows)
  • Meeting Recap
  • Webinar capabilities (meeting registration support)
  • Shared calendar in Teams channel as a tab
  • 10k organization-wide teams
  • 25k members teams
  • UI updates (theme & icons)
  • Approvals -application

That is indeed a lots of interesting updates that are going to rollout this month! Of course, since it is a roadmap, there can be changes to this schedule. You should always check the current status via the roadmap.

Not in the January list, but it is good to note that Chat Bubbles have been updated to March 2021.

Feature IDDescriptionStatusLast ModifiedRelease
77796Microsoft Teams: Simplified way to manage your channel notification settings for GCCIn development31.12.2020January CY2021
66921Microsoft Teams: Updated meeting creation and expiration policiesIn development29.12.2020January CY2021
68941Microsoft Teams: Share System Audio on MacCancelled29.12.2020January CY2021
68729Microsoft Teams: Meeting RecapIn development22.12.2020January CY2021
68918Microsoft Teams: Prompt to set Meeting Options for Large Teams Meetings in Outlook for WindowsIn development22.12.2020January CY2021
70550Microsoft To Do: now helps you to organize your tasks easily with intelligent list suggestionsIn development22.12.2020January CY2021
70661Microsoft Teams: Education Policy WizardIn development22.12.2020January CY2021
61180Microsoft Teams for Firstline Workers: Off Shift Access Control V1In development18.12.2020January CY2021
66194Microsoft Teams: Multiple Number DialingIn development18.12.2020January CY2021
66459Teams: Updated functionality for downloading participant reports in Teams meetingsIn development16.12.2020January CY2021
67155Microsoft To Do: Plan your day better with urgent and important task suggestions in My DayRolling out16.12.2020January CY2021
68847Microsoft Teams: Together mode for GCC-High and DoDIn development16.12.2020January CY2021
68860Microsoft Teams: Add document libraries, pages or news to a channel in Teams via the new SharePoint tabRolling out16.12.2020January CY2021
68892Microsoft Teams: Multi-Window Meetings and Calling experiences for GCC-High and DoDIn development16.12.2020January CY2021
68911Microsoft Teams: Add a shared calendar to a Teams channelIn development16.12.2020January CY2021
66193Planner: More labelsIn development15.12.2020January CY2021
68771Microsoft Teams: New Calling ExperiencesIn development15.12.2020January CY2021
68692Microsoft Teams: Include up to 10,000 users in an org-wide teamIn development11.12.2020January CY2021
68701Microsoft Teams: Out of OfficeIn development11.12.2020January CY2021
68723Microsoft Teams: 25K person teamsIn development11.12.2020January CY2021
68724Microsoft Teams: Approvals in TeamsIn development11.12.2020January CY2021
76911Forms: Default alert policies for phishing activities added to Microsoft 365 security and compliance centerIn development11.12.2020January CY2021
65602Microsoft Teams: Multi-Window ChatIn development10.12.2020January CY2021
68721Microsoft Teams: Theme and icon updatesIn development10.12.2020January CY2021
68838Microsoft Teams: Meet Now from OutlookIn development10.12.2020January CY2021
70662Microsoft Teams: Share System Audio on MacIn development10.12.2020January CY2021
68696Microsoft Teams: Create a task from a message in the Desktop Client for Microsoft TeamsIn development8.12.2020January CY2021
68894Forms: Text Formatting (Bold, Italicize, and Underline) in Forms and QuizzesIn development8.12.2020January CY2021
68906Microsoft Teams: Touch Bar Meetings Controls for MacIn development8.12.2020January CY2021
66586Microsoft Teams: Meeting attendee registrationIn development4.12.2020January CY2021
65946Microsoft Teams: Live reactionsIn development4.12.2020January CY2021
68841Microsoft Teams: Targeted communications in GCCIn development4.12.2020January CY2021
68903Microsoft Teams: Presenter View in Teams MeetingsIn development4.12.2020January CY2021
59719Microsoft Teams: Tasks publishing and reporting for Firstline WorkersIn development2.12.2020January CY2021
66021Outlook for Windows:  Every meeting onlineIn development2.12.2020January CY2021
66763Whiteboard: Migrating previously created boardsIn development2.12.2020January CY2021
68772Microsoft Teams: Survivable Branch ApplianceIn development1.12.2020January CY2021
68875Microsoft Compliance center: Compliance capabilities for card content generated through apps in Teams messagesIn development24.11.2020January CY2021
76074Microsoft Teams: meeting recordings saved to OneDrive and SharePoint for GCCIn development24.11.2020January CY2021
66364Planner: File recommendationsIn development20.11.2020January CY2021
66578Planner: Smart BackgroundsIn development20.11.2020January CY2021
65961Microsoft Teams: Support for Cortana voice assistance on Microsoft Teams Room devicesIn development20.11.2020January CY2021
67168Microsoft Teams: Include computer sound when sharing a Desktop or Window on MacIn development20.11.2020January CY2021
67169Microsoft Teams: Include computer sound when sharing a Desktop or Window on MacIn development20.11.2020January CY2021
67175Microsoft Teams: Meeting chat moderation settingsIn development20.11.2020January CY2021
68880Microsoft Teams: Give feedback improvementsIn development20.11.2020January CY2021
68950Microsoft Teams: Tasks in Teams in GCCIn development11.11.2020January CY2021
68951Microsoft Planner:  Tasks for Information Workers in Teams in GCCIn development11.11.2020January CY2021
68846Microsoft Teams: Live Event Presenter for iPadIn development3.11.2020January CY2021
68835Microsoft Teams: Updated layouts for meetings on AndroidIn development22.10.2020January CY2021
66562Microsoft Teams: View all upcoming assignments in the Teams calendarIn development2.10.2020January CY2021

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