Review: Microsoft Surface Headphones 2

First I have to say that I love the way Surface devices look and how usable they are when you think needs of the modern work. So I was of course very thrilled to be able to test the Microsoft Surface Headphones version 2. I almost bought the first version a year and half back but I could not make the commitment back then. Since the version 2 came out I was really happy that I waited. The new version looks really good and any color is good as long as it is black.

While these don’t go into a very small space the case is quite flat since the earcups don’t require too much headspace/height when twisted in. They are visibly thinner than some of other headsets.

The Specs

  • Charged with USB-C 🥰
  • You can also use a 3.5mm audio plug. To be honest there is very rarely need for this – but the option is good to be available on a headset.
  • Up to 18.5 hours of use time. This is acceptable – it lasts a fully packed working day. I didn’t test the actual use time but I did notice it ran out quicker than promised. As long as it lasts for 12 hours it takes care most of my working days. On comparison it is not 25+ hours like in some Jabra models and it will make a big difference if you have a hectic two days. Surface headset also is missing the quick charge option but it should charge fully in two hours.
  • Bluetooth 5.0

Check out full specs from Microsoft’s page.

It is good to note that these are not Teams certified and there is no dongle. These are connected to the computer purely using the Bluetooth.

The Controls

The coolest part are volume and noise cancellation controls: you twist the dial on the left (noise cancellation) or right (volume) ear cup. Then you have the Power on and mute buttons.

The power on/off works on a smooth short press. It took me a while to learn that I don’t have to keep it pressed for seconds. One nice feature is also that the music auto stops/plays when you take them off and put them back on.

Compared to some other headsets I like the simplicity of the user interface here. And yes – they feel great when used. Dials rock!

My experiences

I am very happy with these. Controls are easy, they can be used a long time, music sounds good and the dials make the use super-easy. The noise cancellation works very well – it is not as powerful as with latest Jabras but it is very close to that.

Dual mics don’t remove the ambient noise in calling as effectively as latest Jabra or Poly devices with multiple mics + boom mic. So if you are taking a call in a cafe or in a train some audio might be hearable by meeting participants. This + Teams noise cancellation feature were quite a good pair though but I didn’t put this to cafe test yet.

Since these didn’t have a dongle there was some remembering to be done with connecting to Teams meetings: checking audio settings. These don’t get selected automatically (not Teams certified) and I do have other audio devices connected to the computer all the time. It wasn’t once or twice when I didn’t remember to do the change. But if you don’t switch often between several different devices then you don’t have this kind of issue…


Thinking Teams meetings these work really well: great audio, good experience. The biggest issue comes with Bluetooth connectivity – in case you are using multiple Bluetooth devices connected to your computer or nearby you risk having issues – I had one issue when Bluetooth on my computer did reset itself during a meeting – that also affected my mouse as well (Surface Precision) so that was purely computer related. However for a normal user this should not be a issue (I admit – I have several Bluetooth devices on my desk).

You just need to remember to check the audio settings when you join Teams meetings. And if you talk all day remember to charge them before starting the next one.

For music and and speaking on the phone this is a great headset: you can have both computer and phone connected at the same time. There is a phone app that helps you do some adjustments + keeps the headset up to date with updates.

I got this headset for testing from Microsoft

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