Microsoft Teams Desktop: adding more than one account coming in December

Teams Desktop is getting the ability to add more accounts! Before you get too excited about this note that it means “add one personal account along with one work/school account“. It is not the “add multiple accounts of all kinds” we would love to see – but it is a start.

This will allow to use Teams better with your personal (/free) Teams what you might be using with family, friends or voluteer/hobby activities. For more work/school accounts you still need to fall back to older methods like using multiple browsers and/or multiple browser profiles. I personally use multiple profiles preliminary on Edge, but I have a few profiles on Chrome as well (since I can sync the data easily in there).

If you are using multiple accounts with Microsoft Teams you might want to take a look at my earlier post how to use use Teams with multiple accounts. It is a kind of survival guide when you are stuck in that situation – based on my experiences.

What I really like is the following text “change their profile pictures and switch between accounts and orgs through settings“. I hope this change of profile picture extends to guest tenants -> it will be so useful!

This is scheduled at the roadmap to roll out during December this year.

See up to date information directly from the roadmap item.

4 thoughts on “Microsoft Teams Desktop: adding more than one account coming in December

  1. This is a useless feature and MS as usually focuses on things not needed.

    +When will Teams be more stable and not crash?

    +When will Teams be able to go higher resolution video on lower bandwidth?

    +When will Teams voice call work without static on phone call and app?

    +When will Teams function with over multiple users without slowing down?

    +When will Teams have annotation for multi users to mark on screen?

    +When will Teams have matching app user with phone users?

    +When will Teams have export for chat that keeps all info intact?

    +When will Teams have better error message rather than say..”No internet..reconnect..” ”Something when wrong” when internet is working 100% with everything all apps except Teams?

    +etc….etc….etc….Too many issues to list.

    Bring back Bill Gates to get things back on track or almost on track.


    1. This is not a useless feature for those of us needing multiple accounts for business purposes, however, one additional account is not enough for some people’s circumstances (including mine).

      I am a consultant that works directly for myself, but also as a sub-contractor for a few other businesses. Therefore I have several different email addresses / accounts that have to be kept separate. I have to be seen to belong to that organisation when dealing with their clients.

      I own my own original Teams account but I need to be able to join and see the other ’organisations” from the relevant email address for that business.

      Many other people I know need the same functionality.

      All your other points above are valid though.


      1. Yes, I agree. We need the support for multiple accounts to Teams client..and lots of other things. On multiple accounts have been mentioned that it will improve next year and I hope it ends up like mobile Teams where you can add several accounts. Meanwhile I do use several profiles in my browsers.
        However I know people who have tens of accounts in their use (different customers / partners ) and I hope that will be fixed too. That is a lots of browser profiles these days.

        Many features need improvement while the market demands more and more features what competitors have. That must be tough to balance and also maintain the compliance and governance requirements.

        Every month Teams is getting something new or something is improvement. That is quite amazing and I appreciate & like that they are very agile.

        But there is always room for improvement. And I always prompt to use Teams User Voice to enter ideas or requirements. Topped with business reasons when applicable. Teams Product Group does read them.


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