Microsoft Teams recent Roadmap updates

I thought I take a look at the most recent roadmap updates. There has been several changes from September to October rollout but that is always to be expected: roadmap schedule is the best estimate of the time.

As always it is best to check the real time situation directly from the roadmap.

Feature IDDescriptionStatusLast ModifiedReleaseNote this
65332Virtual Breakout RoomsIn DevelopmentOctober๐ŸŒŸ
57213Microsoft Teams: Tasks in TeamsRolling out1.10.2020July CY2020๐ŸŒŸ
65385Microsoft Planner:  Tasks for Information Workers in TeamsRolling out1.10.2020July CY2020
66575Prevent attendees from unmuting in Teams MeetingsRolling out1.10.2020October CY2020๐ŸŒŸ This appeared on some of my tenants earlier but has disappeared at the moment..
65942Microsoft Teams – Together modeRolling out1.10.2020October CY2020
67094Microsoft Teams: Update to the format Meeting Invitations for Microsoft TeamsRolling out1.10.2020September CY2020
67142Microsoft Teams: Improvements to Meeting notes In development1.10.2020October CY2020
67165Microsoft Teams: inline message translation in DODIn development1.10.2020December CY2020
67168Microsoft Teams: Include computer sound when sharing a Desktop or Window on Mac for Word Wide Multi-Tenant and GCCIn development1.10.2020October CY2020
67169Microsoft Teams Include computer sound when sharing a Desktop or Window on Mac for GCC-High and DoDIn development1.10.2020November CY2020
67170Microsoft Teams: Freehand by Invision available in the popped out meeting windowIn development1.10.2020October CY2020
68935Microsoft Teams: 3×3 gallery view for Microsoft Teams RoomsIn development1.10.2020November CY2020๐ŸŒŸ
51230Microsoft Teams: New file sharing experienceIn development30.9.2020October CY2020๐ŸŒŸ
64779Microsoft Teams:  Safe TransferIn development30.9.2020October CY2020
64782Microsoft Teams: Time clock in Shifts for web & desktopIn development30.9.2020October CY2020
64972Microsoft Teams: Tagging by ShiftsIn development30.9.2020October CY2020
65038Microsoft Teams for RealWearIn development30.9.2020October CY2020
64689Microsoft Teams:  Priority Notifications in Gov CloudsIn development30.9.2020October CY2020
50988Multiteam Support in ShiftsIn development30.9.2020October CY2020
59722Microsoft Teams for Firstline Workers: On/Off Shift – V2In development30.9.2020October CY2020
57173Microsoft Teams for Firstline Workers: On/Off Shift PresenceIn development30.9.2020October CY2020
46990SharePoint and Teams – updated Add a Team to a site wizardIn development30.9.2020October CY2020
64405Reverse Number Lookup EnhancementsIn development30.9.2020October CY2020
63175Templates in TeamsIn development30.9.2020October CY2020๐ŸŒŸ These are visible already in some tenants.
64978Microsoft Teams: Customizable Praise BadgesIn development30.9.2020October CY2020๐ŸŒŸ
57082Microsoft Teams: Changes in Incoming IP Video policy  (New Audio and Video Policies)In development30.9.2020October CY2020
66560Microsoft Teams: Anonymous grading and marking in AssignmentsIn development30.9.2020October CY2020
66562Microsoft Teams: View all upcoming assignments in the Teams calendarIn development30.9.2020October CY2020
66564Microsoft Teams: Assignments improvements to support large file sizes and countsIn development30.9.2020October CY2020
66565Microsoft Teams: Link thumbnail preview in AssignmentsIn development30.9.2020October CY2020
66566Microsoft Teams: View assignments across all classesIn development30.9.2020October CY2020
66568Microsoft Teams: Presenter mode for Microsoft Whiteboard in a Teams meetingIn development30.9.2020October CY2020This is already present in my demo tenant.
66582Students and educators get a notification when a new Class Notebook page is distributedIn development30.9.2020October CY2020
66609Microsoft Teams: Shift Schedule AssistanceIn development30.9.2020October CY2020
68120Microsoft Teams:  Microsoft Teams and Power Automate – Simpler automation for everyoneIn development30.9.2020October CY2020๐ŸŒŸ
65636Microsoft Teams: Simplified Global Notification SettingsRolling out30.9.2020October CY2020๐ŸŒŸ
65638Microsoft Teams: Simplified Global Notification Settings for GCC, GCC-H and DoDIn development30.9.2020January CY2021
65949Microsoft Teams – Live Captions with speaker attributionIn development30.9.2020October CY2020
65953Microsoft Teams – Microsoft Whiteboard updatesIn development30.9.2020October CY2020
66744Microsoft Teams: Turn off text previews for chat notificationsIn development30.9.2020October CY2020
67087Microsoft Teams: New File Viewer released for GCC- HighIn development30.9.2020October CY2020
67093Microsoft Information Protection: Teams DLP for Adaptive CardsIn development30.9.2020June CY2021
67109Microsoft Teams: Incoming video support on SafariIn development30.9.2020October CY2020
67111Microsoft Teams: Organizational branding for line-of-business Teams app catalogIn development30.9.2020October CY2020
67113Microsoft Teams: Custom Meeting ImagesIn development30.9.2020October CY2020๐ŸŒŸ With Advanced Communications add-on
67140Microsoft Teams: View app permissions and grant admin consent in the Microsoft Teams admin centerIn development30.9.2020October CY2020
67141Microsoft Teams: spotlight an individual video participant for all attendees in a Teams meeting for GCC and GCC HighRolling out30.9.2020October CY2020
68731Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Graph API for Teams Export (Preview)In development30.9.2020October CY2020
68926Microsoft Teams: PowerPoint File Sharing in GCC-High and DODIn development30.9.2020October CY2020
66716Microsoft Teams – Together modeIn development30.9.2020October CY2020This is visible already with new meeting experience
66132Microsoft Teams: Read Receipts in GCC High and DoDRolling out30.9.2020October CY2020
64687Microsoft Teams:  Queue sent messages when offlineIn development29.9.2020October CY2020
66200Microsoft Teams: File Viewer Upgrades for Gov CloudsIn development29.9.2020October CY2020
66459Teams: Updated functionality for downloading participant reports in Teams meetingsRolling out29.9.2020September CY2020๐ŸŒŸ
65952Microsoft Teams – Overflow meetingsIn development29.9.2020October CY2020With Advanced Communication add-on
66921Microsoft Teams: Updated meeting creation and expiration policiesIn development29.9.2020October CY2020
67090Microsoft Teams:  spotlight an individual video participant for all attendees in a Teams meetingRolling out29.9.2020October CY2020๐ŸŒŸ I see this already in my demo tenant.
67097Microsoft Lists: Updated Choice column experience – built on SharePointIn development29.9.2020October CY2020
67122Microsoft Teams: End-of-meeting notificationsIn development29.9.2020October CY2020
65446Microsoft Teams:  Language-aware proofingRolling out28.9.2020September CY2020๐ŸŒŸ
66717Microsoft Teams – Large Gallery view (Preview) – see up to 49 participantsRolling out28.9.2020October CY2020
64334Microsoft Teams – Pinned PostsIn development25.9.2020October CY2020๐ŸŒŸ

5 thoughts on “Microsoft Teams recent Roadmap updates

  1. Question: if I am the organizer of a Teams meeting, and during that meeting I need to add someone (via their email) to that meeting, what is the easiest easiest way to add someone new 1) without interrupting the current, ongoing meeting, and 2) without all the current attendees from getting new notices?
    Thank you.


    1. Two options:
      – Go to people-view in the meeting and invite someone via email directly (Teams will try to call them)
      – from the same view, the link picture right of “invite someone” -box. Copy join information from there and send them an email where you have pasted that info. It contains the Join-link to the meeting.


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