How to Spotlight a specific video in Teams meeting

The Spotlight-features has appeared to several tenants now. Using it an individual video feed can be spotlighted to meeting attendees. Once spotlight is active it will “lock” that video feed as primary video shown to attendees. If you are sharing content the content will take priority (the big area) over video. This is very useful in townhalls and events where is one primary speaker or camera at the time. In the future custom layouts will provide other options for the stage and mixing videos and content.

How to use Spotlight

Open people-pane and choose the person whose video you want to spotlight by clicking … menu.

Choose Spotlight .. and you are Done! Yes, it was that simple. And you can now see the Spotlight icon along with person’s name.

If content is shared the Spotlighted video will be reduced to the bottom. And yes – I do use Bing desktop images. 😎

If you have been Spotlighted you get a warning message and option to end Spotlight is usable as long as you are Spotlighted:

Presenter can also end Spotlight from … menu:

Spotlighted person gets then a message that they are no longer spotlighted:

How about Spotlight on myself?

You can Spotlight yourself as well. It is similar to Spotlighting somebody else:

When you Spotlight yourself you get the same message and end option like someone else would have spotlighted you.

And you can see the Spotlight icon there as well.

And yes – you can be spotlighted even when you don’t have your camera on.

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