Did you know: you can view team-level usage analytics in Microsoft Teams!

Teams got a another update last week: team level usage analytics was brought into Team’s User Interface.

The Team-level usage shows you nice stats of team activity

  • Total users / active users
  • User Roles: Owners + members / guests
  • Active users in a timeline
  • Total messages
  • Message count in a timeline

You can choose 7 or 28 days timeline to look at the stats.

Yeah, the demoteam is not that active…

As you can see these stats are found behind Manage Team menu. The same place where you adjust team settings or view members. Analytics is available to members too, not just to team owners.

To get to Manage team, click the three dots (…) menu after the team name. The list of available options depends if you are a member or owner.

And if you maneuver to the bottom of Team’s list and click on gear icon after Create or Join Team you can find all joined teams analytics in one view from Analytics-tab.

The the list you can see a real neat graph showing it’s team’s activity (active users) followed by number of people in a team, number of guests, count of messages and the type (public, private)

5 thoughts on “Did you know: you can view team-level usage analytics in Microsoft Teams!

  1. Hello,

    is it possible to somehow restrict, that only Owners of appropriate MS Teams can view Analytics?
    Thank you


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