Multilingual Forms + Flow + Teams!

Did you notice, you can create multilingual forms in Microsoft Forms? Just maneuver to three dots (…) menu on the top-right. This is a great addition because with this you don’t have to create separate handlers, flows and combine results due to having multiple forms supporting different languages.

Multiple languages. Single Form. Single Flow.

This is not work-free (ie no Bing translator) – but for end-user perspective and data-analysis/response handling perspective this a wonderful step forward.

Of course, before you click that, you need to have a form – even a simple one. In the Multilingual-menu you can set up primary language using a search. This is the default language. And following that you can add other languages you want to create your form with.

When I want to enter Finnish (suomi) texts I just click the pen icon following the language name.

For a moment it looks like your writing a answer to the question, but it actually updates the language version of question.

There is a long list of languages to choose from. You can add multiple additional languages.

Filling the form

User can choose the language they want to use

All Forms provided content is automatically translated. This multilingual capability does not extend to “thank you for submitting the form” customized message.

Flowing the form responses to a team

When I first tested this a week or so ago, I got a failure in Flow. But now it works just like it does with ordinary forms. However, it is good to keep in mind that the language setting is not included in attributes transferred to a Flow. So this seems like a UI addon.

Did you notice Post a message (V3) action on Teams Connector? With that you can

  • set a Subject
  • Use formatting

At this point we can test this. Let’s use English version first and submit data on default settings.

And we have an answer. Does it get confused with Finnish?

.. and we have a succesful Flow run! As you see in a response-details there isn’t any information about the language used.

What I’d hope to see next

  • Automatic translations as template (or optionally a button to fill in auto-translater). In simple forms Bing might just get it right. But of course keep the ability to rewrite those translations to suit my needs.
  • The language used in the response.
  • Ability to have multilingual “thank you for your response” -message as well

However, I have already found these very useful. Good job Forms team!

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