Teams Voicemail comes with a message transcript

Many Teams users got recently Calls app + Voicemail capabilities to their Desktop Teams. Earlier this was available only to Calling users but now everyone who can use VOIP calls (ie: make Teams calls) have access to Calls.

Voicemail settings. Turn it on first.

Go to [your picture] – Settings – Calls to set up your preferences. On default your Voicemail is off (Do nothing).

To turn your voicemail on, choose a value before the call is redirected to your voicemail. And you can change your voicemail greeting too.

If you put the setting to “Forward my calls” all calls will automatically go to voicemail. This may be handy if you don’t want to receive calls at all but want to get back to people later.

After choosing your settings you have Voicemail on.

Voicemail has a transcript

When you have received voicemail you get a notification about it, and voicemails are visible in your Calls app. Missed calls go to history (as usual) but once the voicemail is there you see a red indicator on voicemail as well.

What I found out to be a really cool, is the automatic transcript. Yes, it works on English and some other languages as well ( ). And you can change the playback speed as well.

Nope, no Finnish support on transcript yet. But it does understand my not-so-native English: points for that!


Voicemail is a very useful feature and that can be used along with Do Not Disturb or you can forward all calls into it in case you can’t take any calls but you can still answer via chat (like attending a seminar in not so focused mode).

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